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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Feb 2009
Berkley Trade

Mark's Story: The Gospel According to Peter

by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

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Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins pair up once again for the next book in The Jesus Chronicles titled Markís Story. Taking the well known stories of Mark, 1 and 2 Peter, and historical accounts, the two authors add their own twists and plots to the story of the early Christians. Readers follow Mark from his first encounter of Jesus at the Upper Room to his final encounter with Peter, just before Peterís execution. In the process, they learn about the last days of Jesus, as well as the earliest accounts of persecution against Christians.

As a young boy, Mark admires Peter and tries to glean any knowledge he can from the disciple. When his mother instructs him to carry a pitcher as a way of leading Jesusí disciples to his home, Mark has no idea what will happen in the following days. Still harboring questions about Jesusí authority and trustworthiness, Mark follows instructions. When Jesus and His disciples have the Last Supper at his home, however, Mark listens with wonder to Jesusí words. What happens in that room lights a path for Mark that will lead to his growth as a person, Christian, and, ultimately, missionary. As he witnesses the crucifixion and the events following it, Mark realizes he canít deny the truth any longer, and his desire to follow in Christís footsteps takes him on a journey with famous apostles and missionaries of the Bible including Paul, Barnabas, and Peter. As Nero begins persecuting the Christians, however, will Mark be able to continue in the example of his elders, preaching Christ to his last breath?

Markís Story starts off slow with little to keep readersí interest, but with perseverance like Markís, readers find the pace of the story increasing along with their interest. Any story about Christ should compel the reader. Unfortunately, LaHaye and Jenkins may lose readers in the first few pages before they have the chance to read the most compelling parts of Markís Story. Bestselling authors of the Left Behind series, LaHaye and Jenkins likely benefit from their previous success, but their Jesus Chronicles series lacks the power, description, and drama of Left Behind. They take more than half of Markís Story directly out of the Bible, and readers may feel they get more for their time and money with the Bible itself. Markís Story contains awkward dialogue and description that make the book more of a non-fiction account and less of a novel. The book has no style of itís own, and, instead, takes after the Bible accounts. Even the Gospels each had their own emphasis and style.

Nevertheless, LaHaye and Jenkins do not completely fail their readers. Despite the slow pace and the drawn out length of their book, they stay true to the Gospelís message: Jesus saves, and His message is worth dying for. As James 1:12 says, ďBlessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.Ē In the end, readers will find Markís Story one worth reading if they only have the patience to get through the first half of it. Ė Harmony Wheeler,

Book Jacket:

The thrilling new novel of the Jesus Chronicles from the authors of the multi-million bestselling Left Behind series.

The phenomenal multi-million-selling Left Behind series has won legions of fans. Now Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins give us the second book in their bestselling Jesus Chronicles-biblically inspired novels that bring to life the story of Jesus as never told before.

Mark's Story is a thrilling account that vividly depicts the last day before Jesus' crucifixion and the danger that early believers faced as they boldly proclaimed him Christ the Lord. Readers will discover firsthand the growth of the early Church, the struggles of Jesus' followers, the persecution they endured-and their bravery and passion, which laid the foundation for the Christian Church and still reverberates throughout the world today.