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240 pages
May 2008

Life is a Gift: Inspiration from the Soon Departed

by Bob and Judy Fisher

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Talking to people short on time draws special insights for Life Is a Gift by Bob and July Fisher. Every day, billions of people all over the world wake up, ready to get through another week or even hour. They work, play, and seek meaning. Whether these people admit it or not, they are searching long and hard for their purpose. Sadly, many do not find it until itís too late. But what if we could change that? What if we could learn from those who know just how significant one life is?

Authors Bob and Judy Fisher knew exactly who to talk to about this when they wrote the book Life Is A Gift. Through speaking with more than 100 dying souls and capturing the conversations in writing, the Fishers approached a tough topic in an easy-to-read book, full of true inspiration and solid advice.

Set up in sections, each chapter centers on a different, relatable topic. Including living in the moment, enhancing relationships, and defeating regret, the terminal patients interviewed speak on many areas of life. The book also includes interesting side stories and anecdotes from the authors.

The spiritual focus of this book does not center on evangelism, salvation or works, but it, instead, does quote several people who were interviewed as saying that their relationship with God was important to them and that it helped sustain them in times of challenge and setback. The authors merely present what the people told them, and they do not inject pleas for redemption or salvation.

The idea of Life Is A Gift is challenging, the terminal patients quoted are insightful, and the truths encountered are too often overlooked in the lives of people around the globe. -- Amy Nickerson,

Book Jacket:

In candid interviews, terminal patients in the Alive Hospice program talked with authors Bob and Judy Fisher, addressing some of the most important questions we ask about our life and how we've made the journey. These end-of-life ponderings are collected into inspirational and provoking thoughts that will encourage each of us to live life fully. Each story is reflected in thematic chapters-priorities, family, simple pleasures, romance, integrity, regret, forgiveness-crafted into a series of "lessons learned," offering motivation to approach life with more vigor. These powerful stories deliver the clear message that if you wait to really live until you know you are going to die, you risk missing much of the joy life has to offer and the chance to leave a positive legacy.