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320 pages
Aug 2004
Warner Faith

American Prophecies: Ancient Scriptures Reveal Our Nation's Future

by Michael D. Evans

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Michael D. Evan’s The American Prophecies evaluates the state of America’s dealings with biblical Ishmael (Arab Nations) and Isaac (Israel). America’s dependence on oil leads to her continued negotiation with terrorists (Arafat and the PLO), thereby unwittingly beginning the war on terrorism in 1982 when President Reagan was in office. Evans has solid recommendations for our nation to cease cursing and begin blessing Israel.

A journalist, Middle East analyst, and founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Team, Evans has unique insight into the political dealings of our country and access to leaders in Jerusalem. Evans details the Muslim extremist movement, Whabbism, in which Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban are ideals. With America aiding the arms race in the Middle East while embracing terrorists—hosting them at the White House and recognizing them in spite of terrorist activities—Evans believes it is only a matter of time before a large attack on America, one that makes 9-11 pale by comparison, takes place.

This book compiles information necessary for Americans, including a thorough historic assessment of the Middle East situation beginning with the biblical brothers and leading right up to today, detailed accounts of what each President did for or against Israel, and the dollar amount of the administration’s arms sales to the Middle East. Essentially, America’s slide into moral relativism, lack of consistent support for Israel, and turning from our biblical roots as a nation will lead to our demise.

While this book is informative and Mr. Evan’s passion is obvious, it is a difficult read as the first chapter seems little more than Christian conservative propaganda. However, skip the entire “In the Eye of the Prophetic Storm” chapter, and the book will take on a more rational, less hysterical quality. The use of fear as a writing device, mixed metaphors, slight redundancy, and many clichés made this a laborious read. I do recommend the book however for its information and ultimate call to prayer. This book would be great for intercessors. I disagree with the author’s final assessment of rapture as the outcome of America's decline, but learned a great deal in spite of our differing opinions. -- Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

From the time George Washington placed his hand upon a Bible and swore the oath to become the first president of the United States, the Jews-and more important, a Jewish homeland-have occupied a crucial place in America's history. The second president of the United States, John Adams, declared toward the end of his life, "For I really wish the Jews again in Judea an independent nation." Now internationally renowned Middle East expert and biblical scholar Mike Evans traces the efforts of American Christians to help establish a Jewish State through a "prophetic memorial," a declaration presented to five successive American presidents outlining the biblical mandate for a Jewish homeland. Evans describes in fascinating detail the events that led in 1948 to the birth of the nation of Israel.

The hatred of the Arab world for the West-and toward America in particular-can be traced entirely to this nation's identification with Israel. America flirts with danger, Evans says, when it accommodates the Arab world merely for the sake of oil. As God said to Abraham, "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse." America's prophetic future hangs on the nation's moral vision and clarity.

The hostility of Islamic fundamentalists toward America can be explained succinctly, Evans asserts: It is rooted in bigotry, the ancient prejudice against Jews. Yet, says Evans, "America is cursing what God has blessed (Israel) and blessing what God has cursed (rebuilding Babylon [Iraq]). Does the Bible reveal what will happen to a nation that does this? A thousand percent yes!"