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256 pages
Aug 2005
Warner Faith

God is My Success: Transforming Adversity into Your Destiny

by Larry Julian

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Larry Julian explores what a Christian's success should look like in God Is My Success. He debunks the predominant view of looking at success through the world's eyes and shows God's methods of pointing us to the "Win3" solution which blesses God, others, and ourselves.

Using the stories of those who have conquered despair, illness, financial slavery, worry, and a lack of self-confidence, Julian inspires others to reject the easy fixes in exchange for a deep faith in Christ. He urges moving beyond a life of self-centeredness to one of God-centeredness, and shows how that move transforms a person's life. The stories demonstrate how God's path for us through hardship can shape and guide us into the best blessings of our lives. He begins with his and his wife's struggle to have a baby, the searing pain of losing those much-loved babies, and the efforts to fulfill what he believed God wanted him to do.

He has written the book for personal or group study. Each chapter describes a problem and solution, tells someone's story of overcoming, and offers study helps. The stories, often told in the words of the people involved, move the reader through the book, bolstering Julian's premise. In the study section he sets up a project or process to help the reader analyze his own situation plus group questions.

Though aimed at businesspeople, God is My Success applies to anyone whose philosophy may have been ambushed by the world's premises of more and mightier being better. -- Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

On the outside, today's businesspeople appear strong and in charge. On the inside, however, we struggle with five obstacles that keep us from being the success God intended:

  1. Pain
  2. Financial Slavery
  3. Lack of Confidence
  4. Busyness/Distractions
  5. Fear

God is My Success shows that your adversity holds the key to your destiny and the success God intended. God doesn't promise a life free of adversity. He does, however, promise to be with us in our adversity. As we partner with God to overcome our obstacles we discover that, ultimately, God Himself is our success. From pain, discover destiny. From financial slavery, discover financial freedom. From lack of confidence, discover courage. From distractions, discover God's whisper. From fear and worry, discover peace.

Practical and inspirational, God is My Success offers unique insights and encouragement for transforming life's obstacles into personal destiny. Through compelling stories of leaders who've partnered with God to overcome adversity, practical applications to help you immediately apply what you've learned, and discussion guides to connect you with God and others, you'll discover the success God intended.