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176 pages
Sep 2004
Warner Faith

Sarah's Song

by Karen Kingsbury

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In Sarah's Song, Karen Kingsbury skillfully weaves two stories. Through the reminiscing of a dying woman named Sarah, Beth learns the secret of love. Sarah, at eighty-six, is in a nursing home. Last Christmas she felt God was going to give her one more year of life, and she knew there was one more person that needed to hear her story. "Someone out there needed a miracle."

Beth works at the nursing home and has decided to leave her husband, Bobby. She has become bored with her marriage and "knows" there is more to life than she is currently experiencing. She has to get out -- now.

When Sarah meets Beth, she sees something that she herself felt many years ago, and invites Beth to hear her story. Using twelve handmade ornaments for the twelve days of Christmas, Sarah relates how God drew her back to Himself and back to the love of her life, Sam.

Beth is immediately drawn into the story and intrigued by the song Sarah hums when she concludes each day. Later, she learns that Sarah wrote the song and when Beth hears the words, they pierce her resolve. On Christmas Eve, Sarah brings out a pair of red gloves containing the "secret of love." She gives them to Beth.

"Can love be re-kindled? Do we ever get a second chance at love? It's not too late for faith to find us. Not too late for right to win. Not to late for love to bind us. Not too late to try again. Sarah's Song

This is a beautiful love story. Karen reveals God's redeeming love through Sam, and His miracle love through Sarah's love for others. It is a tender story that will be read over and over, by women most of all. But the hope it contains is relevant for all. -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The ritual is the same every December: twelve handmade paper ornaments and a small plastic Christmas tree. Twelve days for Sarah to remember her long-ago love. Twelve chances for Sarah to sing her song once more...

Every year Sarah Lindeman celebrates Christmas in a special way. It is her time to remember where she came from and what she is today-and how a special song gave her another chance at love.

But this year the ritual is different. This year a desperate young woman is listening-a nurse who lingers by the door as Sarah hangs the first yellowed decoration on her tiny tree. Sarah feels the hurt in this woman's soul and reaches out to her. Her hope is that she can do something to help both of them. And so the older woman sings. Each day she hangs a paper ornament on her tree and relives a chapter of her story, drawing her new friend into the hallways of yesterday and a love that rose and fell, only to bloom again stronger than ever. Sarah knows the heartache that results from making bad choices. And she knows, too, how God can redeem any situation-her own life is proof of that. As Sarah sings, she prays her new friend will understand the true gift of love-and that to give it up without a fight means to give up on life itself.

But will Sarah be able to convince this troubled young woman before time runs out? Twelve days. Two lives. And one song-"Sarah's Song"-that just might bring about a miracle for everyone who hears it.