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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Oct 2005
Warner Faith

Hannah's Hope

by Karen Kingsbury

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Hannah Roberts has everything but the love of her parents, and especially her mother, in Hannahís Hope, a novel by Karen Kingsbury. Hannah would not be considered an ordinary teenager. Her father is a United States ambassador, and she sees her parents only twice a year. Living with her grandmother, Hannah is desperate to capture her parentsí attention and love.

One year, Hannah is devastated upon hearing that her parents will not be home to celebrate Christmas with her. She asks her limo driver, Buddy, to pray for a Christmas miracle. He reminds her that miracles only come through faith. It will take a miracle for Hannah to spend the holiday with her parents.

One day, Hannah receives a package from her mother, Carol Roberts, containing life altering news. The package contents are two pictures of her with a man who is not her father, and a pair of pilotís wings. Her motherís letter tells her that Jack Roberts is not her biological father. Her real father is in the military and has not been contacted by Carol for more than 10 years. Her mother hopes that the project of finding her father will occupy Hannah during the Christmas holiday.

Karen Kingsbury makes her characters come to life. We can feel the pain of Hannah wanting to be loved, as well as the coldness Carol Roberts shows her daughter. Fortunately for Hannah, she has the compassion of the limo driver to encourage her.

Hannahís Hope combines a daughterís hunger for the love of her parents and the mystery of a lost father to show that faith is the most important gift of all. The story is easy to follow, nicely paced, and enjoyable. The storyline is geared toward women, but I would recommend it to everyone. Ė Khrista Beckman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Fifteen-year-old Hannah Roberts remembers when her father was her closest friend. The image is hazy, though, pulled from distant childhood memories. Now her father is a cold and distant politician too busy to spend time with his daughter. Her mother isn't much better. Feeling orphaned, Hannah lives a lonely life with her wealthy, ailing grandmother.

But this year is to be different. As Christmas nears, Hannah learns a shocking truth: The man she believes is her father is not her parent after all. In an effort to find answers, she begins a desperate search for her real father-the one she remembers from her past. He is Mike Conner, an Army pilot stationed in Iraq.

A local politician and the newspaper catch wind of her quest, a national TV station posts a letter from her, and soon everyone is caught up in Hannah's hope-that she'll find her father before the holidays.