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320 pages
Jun 2004
Warner Faith

Boaz Brown

by Michelle Stimpson

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Boaz Brown by Michelle Stimpson is a classy Christian Chick-Lit novel based on the single life of a smart, black, Christian professional woman. LaShondra is almost painfully honest, as the reader goes inside a black family and watches them struggle with prejudice against whites.

Stimpson allows LaShondra to remember old hurts as well as kindnesses, as she finds herself drawn to a white man. LaShondra’s father is especially angry, which makes the stakes especially high for LaShondra. Interlaced with the romance are big trouble at LaShondra’s job, a new spiritual closeness to God, and an especially hard assault from the devil when LaShondra tries to grow.

Boaz Brown has the snappy pace and brassy dialogue that makes Chick-Lit fun. It’s also a fascinating look at the black experience in America. The book starts out slow, dwelling on fairly typical Chick-Lit problems like a mother nagging, “When are you going to get married?” It’s fun, but the book becomes something far more once the reader gets a couple of chapters into it. Once I was hooked I couldn’t put the book down. LaShondra’s problems and her spiritual struggles are riveting, almost distressing in their raw honesty, and full of joy as LaShondra slowly allows herself to risk falling in love. – Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

I knew I at least owed him an honest answer. "Mr. Brown, I think you're a nice, friendly person and this is all very flattering, but I'm attracted to African-American men."
"Well, you see, I'm only seeking a certain kind of woman. She's got to be strong. Secure. Positive. And a woman of God. I, too, have discriminating tastes."
I walked toward the door. "Mr. Brown, this isn't going anywhere." "LaShondra-" I almost jumped when he said my first name-"can you give a brother a chance?" I laughed at him, sitting there in his khakis and Polo shirt looking like a regular Tom Cruise wanna-be. "You are not a brother!" "If I'm not mistaken, I am your brother-in Christ. Doesn't that count for something?"

From a fresh new voice in fiction, this daring debut novel is about one woman's struggle between her faith, desires, and deep-seated beliefs as she discovers there is no color-or boundaries-to God's love...


LaShondra Smith has a successful career, a supportive, outspoken family, friends who are always there for her, and a strong personal walk with God that nourishes her spirit and gives her the confidence to face anything. She just wants one more little thing: a man. Make that a strong, sensitive, Godly man, like Boaz in the Bible. And oh, he should be African-American. Sure, she successfully deals with all people as vice principal in one of Dallas's largest high schools. And she knows God's word on loving all mankind. But she has also been hurt and has learned from those experiences-and much advice from others-that black folks need to stick together and marry their own kind.

Then LaShondra meets an engineer named Stelson Brown. Caring, conscientious, and endowed with an intelligence and sense of humor as devastating as his looks, Stelson is both secure in his faith and convinced that LaShondra is the strong, sensitive, Christian woman for him. But he's not exactly what she had prayed for. Suddenly, LaShondra must not only deal with the reactions of her friends and family, but face the hidden prejudices and attitudes she never realized were part of her. Now, as she struggles to reconcile her past experiences, her fears, and what could be, she must decide what really matters when true love and faith are at stake.