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208 pages
Jan 2010

Rules of Engagment

by Chad Hennings

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Rules of Engagement by three-time Super Bowl winner Chad Hennings with Michael Levin is a book about becoming a man that God desires. As the Scriptures teach us, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart" (1 Samuel 16:7b NIV). In a world where manliness is measured by outward success and appearance, it’s hard for men to become godly. In his book, Hennings describes his journey in becoming a godly man and shares insights for other men on the same journey.

The book is split into two sections. The first is titled, “Basic Training: Your Foundation.” It focuses on developing Christian character, healing your past, living out your spirituality through prayer and Bible reading, and other important steps in laying a foundation that God is looking for in a man. The second section is labeled, “Active Duty: Engaging In Battle,” and it focuses on developing a plan for your life, serving the family, forming strong Christian friendships, and other important ways for men to live a life worthy of God.

On the whole Rules Of Engagement is a good guidebook for men, whether teenager or adult. Chad Hennings, former Air Force fighter pilot, 3-time Super Bowl victor, and Iowa high school state heavyweight wrestling champion, knows what it is like to be a man according to worldly values. In this book, he does an excellent job describing his own journey to become a godly man through biblical study while dealing with personal struggles. It could quote a little more Scripture, but by and large it is theological sound. Overall it is a wise and interesting book. – Ben Lehman,

Book Jacket:

In all of the roles Chad Hennings has been privileged to play in life he has seen that the persistent "go-it-alone" myth in our society traps men from connecting in a meaningful way with other men. In fact, men in our society are emotionally disconnected from each other and from God.

In this book Chad wants to share the lessons he has learned that will make a difference in men's lives and tear down the walls that separate men from each other and their true selves.