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320 pages
Oct 2005
Warner Faith

He Shall be Called

by Robert J. Morgan

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He Shall be Called by Robert J. Morgan is a devotional whose theme is the study of 150 names of Jesus. Each devotion is 1½ pages long and can be read fairly quickly. The meaning of each name of Jesus is evaluated in light of Scripture, and uses an illustration. Each devotion closes with a stanza from a hymn that relates to the specific name of Jesus referenced.

This book is neither an academic nor a theological study. The names of Jesus merely provide a framework for the devotional readings. This is effective in that it provides a sense of intellectual accomplishment, more than is experienced with other devotionals, but there is rarely any distinction made between two names if they are very similar to each other. For example, there are two different devotions based upon Revelation 19:16, which calls Jesus the “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.” One devotion is on Jesus as the King of Kings, and another is on Jesus being the Lord of Lords, but the illustration and application are interchangeable. There is no discussion on what makes King of Kings different from Lord of Lords, nor if there is any difference. This would most definitely be done in a more academic study.

The stanzas from the hymns that conclude each devotion were amazing. Oftentimes they spoke to me much stronger than the devotions themselves. This could be good, in that they added to the quality of each devotion as a whole; but, if these stanzas were meant to reaffirm points already made, the reaffirmation is clearly stronger.

This book is functional, but not outstanding. Its strengths would be the power of the hymns it cites and the vivid quality of many of its illustrations. Its weakness would be that it does not provide robust evaluations of the names of Jesus. If a person is looking for a detailed study on the names of Jesus, this is not the book for him. If a person is looking for a devotional work centered loosely on the identity of Christ, I would recommend He Shall Be Called. -- R. Ben Armstrong, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What is in a name? For Pastor Robert Morgan, the inspirational center of his devotionals is found in the spiritual wellspring of the many names of Jesus.

In He shall be Called, bestselling author and pastor Robert Morgan explores the magnificent characteristics and qualities of Jesus, as revealed by his names.

To some, Jesus is a healer; to others he is a teacher. Some are drawn to his simplicity, others to his majesty. Different names speak to different people with different needs and experiences. Some think of him in the promise of Old Testament prophecies, others in all of his New Testament glory. Every one of these images--along with many others--is a true reflection of Jesus. That is part of the miracle--God providing humanity, his most precious creation, so many ways to make a meaningful connection with him.

He Shall be Called presents a rich study of the Name above all Names. Each devotion explores a particular element of the nature of Jesus and is accompanied by complementary poetry and hymns that enhance the reflective depth of the message.

And His name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

What is in these names? Comfort and peace, wisdom and healing, the beauty of simplicity, guidance and shelter, grace and sacrifice, eternal light, friendship and confidence. Robert Morgan's latest powerful deovtional reminds us that Jesus is all of this and more.

He Shall be Called is a splendid resource to sustain and inspire readers in their everyday lives, a place to find strength and joy for the soul.