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272 pages
Jan 2005
Warner Faith

Falling In Love For All The Right Reasons: How to Find Your Soul Mate

by Neil Clark Warren

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The founder of does plenty of advertising for his business in this booFalling In Love For All the Right Reasons, but it’s easy to see past that into his passion for creating marriages that last. The key to this, Dr. Warren insists, is compatibility. The more similar two people are, the less conflict will be in their marriage. While all marriages take work, the author believes similarity in 29 important areas will remove much of the friction in relationships.

After the introductory chapters explaining how eHarmony started and how it works, the first section discusses screening dimensions. These, including good character, emotional health, and anger management, help filter out people you wouldn’t want to marry or whose long-term goals differ widely from yours.

The next section dives into core personal dimensions – characteristics in people that are hard to change. This essential portion contains chapters on intellect, energy levels, spirituality, sense of humor, ambition, values, curiosity, and many others.

The third group of dimensions includes learnable skills like communication and conflict resolution. Adaptability, kindness, and dominance versus submissiveness finish out the last section on qualities that can be developed.

These 29 dimensions aren’t meant to be an emotionless formula for finding a mate. The concluding chapters present chemistry and commitment as also being necessary, and the goal of eHarmony’s wide database is to create a selection of matches for each person seeking a soul mate.

Short chapters aid readability, though some readers may want to skip a few of the opening chapters on the history of eHarmony to get to the meatier portion of the book. Dozens of relationship stories bring life to the qualities discussed, lending a “they found love, you can too” tone to the entire book.

Many of the principles mentioned in the book can be used by singles as a screening tool with those they are attracted to, but the multitude of endorsed necessary similarities may make many of them believe that a nationwide search is the only way they’ll find their true soul mate. The book does provide an excellent resource for determining which qualities you can live with in a relationship, and which you can’t. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Do you want to find love so true that you and your partner will be together, happily, for the rest of your lives? You can, with Dr. Neil Clark Warren's scientific plan that helps you find the soul mate of your dreams. Since 2000, Dr. Warren's phenomenally successful Internet site,®, has brought together thousands of men and women in serious, lasting relationships. Now he reveals the secret behind the Web site's success: identifying the broad-based compatibility that creates a powerful attraction between people and leads to fulfilling, long-term love.

Whether you have never been married or are single again after a death or divorce, you can meet a wonderful person who wants to share your life at the deepest levels. This eye-opening guide explains the essential rules for finding true love, including:

    · The 29 dimensions of compatibility-the foolproof test to determine if two people will be happy together
    · Your Core Personal Dimensions-the sixteen factors that can make or break your relationships
    · The "marriage killers"-the red flags you can spot during your first two dates
    · The real problem with sex-how to prevent the worst decision of your life
    · Ways people can change after marriage...and ways they can't and never will
    · The simple secret men need to know-it can save a relationship
    · The truth about conflict-how to face it before you make a commitment
    · The surprising #1 area of compatibility-it can solidify togetherness forever.

Perhaps the most important book you'll ever read, FALLING IN LOVE FOR ALL THE RIGHT REASONS helps you avoid wasting years on the wrong person and the pain of a broken heart. Instead, it opens the door to finding a love that you can relish for a lifetime and, what's more, shows you how to begin a successful search right now!