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Trade Paperback
320 pages
Jun 2004
Warner Faith

Nazareth's Song

by Patricia Hickman

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“Novelist Patricia Hickman brilliantly relates the struggle, pain, and tension the backwoods town of Nazareth, Arkansas experiences during the Great Depression in Nazareth's Song. Rev. Jeb Nubey must learn how to overcome his past while shepherding the tiny flock of the Church of the Dell. Unfortunately, politics, greed, and deceit begin to attack Jeb's honorable intentions when the town banker, Horace Mills, asks for the inexperienced minister's help.

“The author sheds light on Jeb's weaknesses and stretches his character throughout the book. As Jeb develops into a responsible and discerning preacher, he finds that he must choose between the smart yet somewhat fickle schoolteacher, Fern Coulter, and the stylish but spoiled banker's daughter, Winona. The plot climaxes when Jeb is pressured by Winona to make drastic changes in the Church in the Dell, as well as to send away Jeb's three young charges, the Welby children.

“Jeb is able to learn from his past mistakes. He reaches out in special ways to the stubborn people of his congregation. All of the people of Nazareth, and especially the Welby children (Ida May, Willie, and Angel), hold a special place in Jeb's heart.

“Although Jeb is the most interesting character study in this novel, there is a wide variety of unique supporting characters who add local color and vibrancy to the plot. In fact, the novel starts rather slowly because it spends so much time defining the town and characters, but as individuals blossom so does the story, and it truly captures this difficult era of American history. I would recommend Nazareth's Song to anyone who likes to curl up with a solid story. The book shows how God's love can forgive a man's shaded past, overcome the hardships of the Depression, and touch the lives of all walks of people.” – Darlene Divine, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

From an author renowned for her supremely touching stories of the South comes a tale that resonates with warmth, wit, and the irresistible mix of characters we met in Fallen Angels. As they forge their way through the Great Depression in Nazareth, Arkansas, the emotional terrain of an era comes to life-and the limits of the human heart are put to the test... NAZARETH'S SONG

The town of Nazareth is beginning to feel like home to young preacher Jeb Nubey and the three Welby kids in his charge. But just as he's about to take over the pulpit, a local war breaks out-and only Jeb can make peace between the town's prosperous banker and its hungry, desperate citizens. Meanwhile, there are mouths to feed, the increasingly rebellious Angel Welby to wrangle with, and Fern, the schoolteacher who barely gives him the time of day, to win over. Yet his greatest dilemma is walking his way-in the person of one of the most alluring and richest young women in Nazareth. Now torn between putting corn bread on his own table and defending the people who need him most, Jeb must look deep within to find his way.