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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Jan 2006
Warner Faith

Leave it to Claire: A Novel

by Tracey Bateman

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In Tracey Batemanís novel, Leave it to Claire, the humorous Claire has a book to finish, a teenage daughter to fight with, and weight to lose. Batemanís characters are loveable and fun throughout. The tension wrought from the generation gap (womenís libber vs. Gen Xer) shows the angst of youth and the frustration of aging. Readers will enjoy getting to know the people they meet in Batemanís creation.

The story holds readersí attention from beginning to end, as episodes initiated at the start of the novel carry through chapter by chapter, getting more and more complex, and more and more humorous. Christian mothers will love this book, and so will their daughters. Bateman lends the reader insight into a motherís soul with humor and spunk. The literary voice is memorable, as well as entertaining. Through it all, the desire to be a better Christian is ever present, ever realistic, and ever challenging. Ė Stephanie Loren Simpson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Unexpected surgery drags Claire Everett, single mother and writer, away from her computer and back into the real world. During her recovery, she faces how disconnected she has become while immersed in her career. As she has been toiling on her fiction, her kids have grown distant, her mother has decided to move away, and her life has spiraled out of control.

Scrambling to get her footing, Claire invents a six-steps-to-a-better-life game plan, determined to renovate everything and everyone around her. Family movie nights, commitment to Bible study, determination to try to exercise, and the recognition that she must reconnect with people outside of cyberspace fuel her personal whole-life makeover.

But can Claire fix her family and herself? Will her plan help her to salvage old relationships and avoid sabotaging new ones? Or, will she realize that sometimes the only way to truly grow is to let go of her own plans and embrace God's?