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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2006
Warner Faith

Live, Laugh, Love Again: A Christian Woman's Survival Guide to Divorce

by Michelle Borquez, et. al.

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For those in the throws of separation and divorce, it seems impossible that they will ever live, laugh, or love again. Particularly for the spouse who was left behind while their partner chooses to move on to a new life. Under the opinionated direction of human dynamo, Chip McGregor, Warner Faith has released Live, Laugh, Love Again to help the walking wounded hope for a better tomorrow.

Rest assured, this book is neither a condoning of divorce nor a male-bashing event. It is the testimonies of four smart, successful, Christian women who found themselves reluctantly divorced. Each woman comes from different circumstances, and was married for a different number of years. Children ranged in age from young to college age. Their stories are equally diverse and equally similar. Through it all, they point the reader to anchor in Christ and look forward to a better day.

My heart was broken reading about the mother who had to send her precious young children away for long periods with their father who had so deeply betrayed his wife. I cried reading about the woman, who after decades of marriage and raising her daughters, stood mutely by while her husband’s new wife took family photos at her daughter’s wedding reception that didn’t include the bride’s mother. And I cried with the woman, who after decades of marriage and friendship with her in-laws, was not invited to her father-in-law’s party because her husband took his new wife instead.

The one improvement I would make in Live, Laugh, Love Again would be to include a woman who had to make the torturous decision to separate from an abusive husband.

Statistics indicate that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce, even among Christians. That number goes up to 85 percent for couples who live together prior to tying the knot. Believing that marriage is for life, I’ve watched courageous women do everything possible to save their failing marriages. Christian marriages are often very toxic by the time separation is unavoidable. Not wanting to condone divorce, fellow believers frequently don’t know how to respond to divorced women. Common responses range from ignoring the woman to judgment to hostility. Congregations freely help women who are widowed or who have husbands in the military, as well we should. Those men are away from home for noble reasons. But, women who are alone because their husband was abusive or because he chose to begin a new life elsewhere, also need the care of their church family. Live, Laugh, Love Again is four women who’ve been there, done that, and wrap arms around another who finds herself in the same lousy situation.

Chapters address shock, denial, anger, depression, forgiveness, and facing the future. The crisis of divorce sends one reeling, unable to focus and think clearly. Each chapter ends with a list of suggestions for the dazed and confused.

Live, Laugh, Love Again should be on every church library shelf. Hand it out to women in this situation. They need the support. And while you’re at it, see if they need a hand fixing some pesky household maintenance problem. – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Let this book lift your spirits and help you survive.

After divorce, you may feel forced to "go it alone"-to struggle with what happened and try to rebuild what's left-but now, four women are determined to make the journey with you!

Filled with down-to-earth truth, sensitivity, and humor, this book features real-life stories about others who have survived, sidebars with pithy life lessons, and engaging illustrations to lighten the mood. The authors-Michelle, Connie, Rosalind, and Carla Sue-have each been there. They've faced things in their own ways and come out on top. Their message: the divorced woman must learn to trust again. With God's grace, she will live, she will laugh, and she will love again!