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Trade Paperback
64 pages
Dec 2009
The Barnabas Agency

Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times: Living in the Presence of God through Prayer and Meditation

by William Moss

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Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times by William Moss, is, most noticeably, a very short book. Given this fact, the pages, each carrying only a few sentences with rare exception, hold carefully chosen words. As the title suggests, the words are aimed at helping the reader find inner peace during troubled times. These short pages help emphasize the point, causing the reader to slow down and really absorb the words, much as one does with poetry.

Each page deals with a slightly different, albeit still holistically fluid, issue. The book emphasizes a tone of straightforwardness, doing a rather splendid job at avoiding sounding pretentious. It also references ample Scripture.

On the negative side, the book is almost awkwardly short. Whereas the words within the pages are poignant, there is a very real chance that the reader might feel as though money was wasted based on the smallness of the text. The book, as stated multiple times within, is essentially an essay split up and printed on separate pages. Readers, justifiably, may wonder why the entire book was not printed as an article in a magazine. As far as the structure is concerned, the book is split into eight sections. Each addresses a different point of thought, though each is spoken in a similar voice.

All in all, the book is short and condensed, delivering hard-hitting, solid information, ironically packaged in a soft-feeling vernacular. Matthew J. Mimnaugh,

Book Jacket:

In his new book, Finding Inner Peace During Troubled Times, author William Moss shows readers that inner peace is indeed attainable in the person and presence of Jesus. As a high-powered businessman and a key political decision-maker, Moss has faced his share of daily distractions. For over a decade, he has studied and practiced the lost art of Christian meditation. "I believe God wants us to find peace and will show us the way, if we are willing to accept it. But for many, the peace of God is elusive. They are not sure how to accept it or where to begin in their pursuit of it," says Moss. "There are many difficulties, distractions, and hardships that stand in the way of our inner peace. Sometimes these are due to our circumstances. Other times it is our sin or the attitudes of our hearts that stand between us and the inner peace we crave. Through prayer and meditation we can transcend all the distractions and difficulties of our days if we live by the Spirit and put God's love and presence first."