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Trade Paperback
98 pages
Nov 2005

Life is a Buffet: So Save Room for Dessert

by Polly D. Boyette

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Polly D. Boyette lives in Virginia where she was born and raised, but her mother came from North Carolina, and you can hear Polly’s inherited southern accent in her writing. In Life is a Buffet So Save Room For Dessert Boyette tells some thigh-slapping funny stories about her life with her mother and sister and their three dogs. Oddly enough, all the stories seem to center around food, mainly that southern mainstay—fried chicken.

There is a whole buffet filled with clever stories in this book about life’s embarrassing moments, family chaos turned hilarious, general faux pas, and crazy incidents turned into cherished memories. Boyette is a storyteller that can really stretch a tale and get everyone laughing at their household antics.

The author has added, like spice to a good meatloaf, a short devotional to go along with each of the twenty stories. The Scriptures she chooses for each story have an uncanny tendency to match in strange ways with whatever bizarre episode the story relates, but the spiritual lessons are good nonetheless. For example, Boyette tells of her mother frying potatoes for supper and accidentally cooking and eating the plastic lid of the deep fryer. The verse the author uses with that story is Romans 14:3 “The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not….” Yes, out of context, but funny!

I think this small book would be enjoyed by most anyone with a good sense of humor. Its stories will give the reader a good laugh and maybe help him learn to laugh at his own foibles. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Life is a Buffet is a collection of hilarious short stories experienced by author, Polly Boyette. These funny stories remind us how to laugh at ourselves, even at our most embarrassing and humiliating times. Polly teaches us that life truly is a buffet, offering a wide variety of choices that we are faced with everyday. Choosing to add laughter to our appetite actually makes living and choosing easier along the way. Polly also pairs a scriptural interpretation with each story in order to teach simple Biblical principals along with the laughter. Each story makes us laugh out loud, while, at the same time, giving us food for thought. Life is filled with busy tasks which we allow to clutter up our minds, leaving no room for the desserts that God intends for us to enjoy. Laughter is an essential key in everyday living. Unfortunately, as we grow older and more mature, we find less time to take pleasure in the lighter side of our lives. With Life is a Buffet, Polly Boyette reminds us that it’s okay to skip over the main courses and head straight for the desserts. So go ahead and laugh.