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Trade Paperback
280 pages
Sep 2006
iUniverse, Inc.

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Are you a connoisseur of end-times literature? Have you relished such Last Daysí feasts as Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHayís Left Behind series, or Paul Meierís The Third Millennium, or Pat Robertsonís The End of the Age? Then check out first time authors Daniel and Mary Ann Nusbaumís novel The Last Reunion. They have used a different recipe for the final course: Christís return.

In this book, the struggle of good vs. evil starts in Indiana. While demonic forces subtly stir up trouble in all areas of the world, a baby appears on the back porch of the Whitewater Childrenís Home during a freak blizzard on Christmas morning. Almost frozen to the core, baby Jimmy survives and is adopted by the headmaster and his wife, Ted and Jane Hoeven. As Jimmy grows, he develops into a remarkable young man who makes his mark on the nation and the world. ďOur part is to love and serve Him without regard for the outcome," (p. 223) which becomes Jimís goal in life.

The antagonist is mysterious Mr. Wendell Anderson, the man behind the many attempts against Jim Hoevenís life. Only Mr. Anderson knows who Jim really is Ö or does he?

The Nusbaums stir a tale that is fast-paced and entertaining. They have taken the topic I thought was exhausted, and developed a unique, thought-provoking plot. The ending was a pleasant surprise. Each chapter ends with Scripture that ties into the events recounted. A list of suggested questions for discussion groups is provided at the end of the book.

One word of warning: when Jim circumvents one of Andersonís attacks, Anderson mutters a foul expletive. So, grab your fork and dig into The Last Reunion. I am sure it will be a dessert you will savor. -- Vicki Borgman, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The Last Reunion is an intense drama of good vs evil, of lethal conflict between spirit-empowered Jim Hoeven and his immortal adversary. An unusual use of scripture frames this political and spiritual intrigue.

Jim is found on the steps of an Indiana orphanage during a December blizzard. His life leads him from the cornfields and forests of the American heartland into the halls of Congress and the international arena. Blessed with rare powers, he struggles to fulfill his mission against overwhelming odds.

Among the cast of characters: Sarah Rainey, bossy orphanage cook; Ann Feeney, Jim's beloved Irish nanny; Russ Walker, Indiana governor and senator; Sapphira Duviere, the evil house-lady; beautiful Carolyn Kelley; surgeons Weber and Little; wise Pastor Alfred Dunlop; and satanic Wendell Anderson.

Romance, danger, escalating suspense, fears, sorrows, joys, and a surprise ending comprise this story.

Humanity's destiny hangs on the outcome; and maybe, just maybe, it isn't fiction.