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224 pages
Jan 2005

Don't Throw Away Tomorrow : Living God's Dream for Your Life

by Robert Schuller

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It is also fair to call attention to the corresponding redefinition of sanctification more and more in terms of humanistic "self-worth." Certainly, a biblical understanding of self-esteem in the light of proper "God-esteem" (i.e., who we are, because of Who He is) is vitally important. Again, it has been just over a decade since there was an evangelical consensus that Robert Schuller was out of bounds theologically in making similar assertions in Self-Esteem: The New Reformation (assertions he later minimized in a Christianity Today interview). Have some evangelical recovery gurus, knowingly or unknowingly, enlisted in the ranks of Schuller's unorthodox "reformers"? -- Viewpoint column of the Christian Research Journal, Spring 1993

Don't Throw Away Tomorrow by Robert H. Schuller is a guide for being optimistic and looking for possibilities in everyday situations. The author believes in relying on God and always looking for the positive side of all opportunities. The author sites various problems that he has encountered in his life, including multiple sclerosis, his daughter losing her leg in an accident, and building the Crystal Cathedral from a simple drive-in movie theater 50 years ago. I believe the author's purpose is to instill hope, faith, and love into people's lives.

Schuller believes in being optimistic, looking for positive solutions, perhaps compromising creatively, and challenging assumptions that block you, and search for assumptions that will advance your goal. The book is written from an optimistic viewpoint and has examples to illustrate the use of these theories. This author has written over 30 books, graduated from a theology school, became a clergyman, and built a church with a weekly television show to impact people with a positive healing faith.

The main points are being optimistic, choosing positive values, staying focused on your dreams, and using faith. "Faith is a delivery power; the value comes in the product or human values it delivers". The author shows by his own life how these theories have inspired his entire public life.

I found this a very inspirational and helpful book. The positive outlook described is extremely motivating and useful to others. It is well written with excellent examples. Ministers, church workers, and ordinary Christians will benefit and enjoy reading this book. -- Dorothy Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Fifty years ago Robert H. Schuller founded a church on the idea that with faith, focus, and follow-through all of our dreams can become realities. A tireless advocate of this positive message, he built the Crystal Cathedral into one of America's most popular and beloved centers of worship. Dedicating his life to both his family and his ministry, Dr. Schuller has gone on to teach millions the power of belief. A gifted and moving storyteller, he now offers the wisdom he's gained over a lifetime of optimism and devotion. In this personal and inspirational book, Schuller shows us how the universal principles that have formed his life and his work can guide ours as well. Starting with the message of "Don't Throw Away Tomorrow!" this landmark book discusses powerful and universal ideals such as starting with optimism, choosing positive values, keeping focused, clearing the channels of communication, and -- most important -- looking to the Ultimate Authority.

For fifty years Americans have been listening to Schuller's thoughtful guidance and have been inspired by his love of humanity and God. Don't Throw Away Tomorrow is a culmination of his wisdom, delivered directly to the reader -- a tribute to the power of possibility thinking.