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Trade Paperback
64 pages
Oct 2010
Candle Light Books

A Lump of Clay

by Rich Johnson

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A Lump of Clay: A Parable by Rich Johnson is a story about a lump of clay that the Master Craftsman chooses to use in his work. The little lump sees the beautiful works that the craftsman has made out of the other lumps of clay and hopes that he, too, will be made into something beautiful. But, can he trust the master to fashion him into just who he is supposed to be?

Told in third-person narrative from the little lump’s point of view, this story is a new perspective on the biblical analogy of the potter and the clay. In Jeremiah 18, God says, “Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand, Israel.” Johnson takes this truth and applies it to Christians. We are the personified clay.

Johnson clarifies his message at the end of the book by saying, “Submitting to the will of the Master Craftsman, even a lowly clod of mud can be transformed into a vessel of the Lord. What can He do with your life?” While this is a profound message, it could have been conveyed in one page with twice as much impact. The story reads quickly, as it is large print on 59 short pages. However, the dialogue is at times cheesy and overtly preachy, the little lump knows things he shouldn’t, and the overall writing shows what is happening when it should tell and tells when it should show.

A Lump of Clay is promoted as “A Christian Gift Book for All Seasons,” but it may not be the stocking-stuffer you’re looking for. Its life-changing message will do wonders for anyone needing to hear it, but the writing may hinder the message. – Stephanie Warner,

Book Jacket:

Do you ever wonder why God doesn’t give you everything you ask for? Come, lose yourself in this simple parable, and find yourself in the final paragraph with your heart soaring.