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Trade Paperback
225 pages
Feb 2004
Harvest House Publishers

The 10 Best Decisions a Woman Can Make: Finding Your Place in God's Plan

by Pam Farrel

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"In The Ten Best Decisions a Woman Can Make, author and motivation speaker Pam Ferrel challenges women to decide to change their lives in positive ways rather than just watch events drift by meaninglessly. She feels women should live with hope and die leaving a lasting impact on those they've lived and worked with. Her anecdotes are equally humorous and tearful, but all teach her message of how women must ‘decide to live by love, to be daring, and to leave a legacy.’

"The author emphasizes that once women realize how precious they are to the Lord, they can gain confidence. This, in turn, helps them to put value on their time and efforts. Instead of worrying about pleasing people, they can learn to think first of how to please God. The chapters thoroughly discuss each ‘decision,’ provide solid advice, present applicable Scripture, and then offer thought-provoking questions. Much of what Pam shares is drawn from personal experiences she has had as a wife, mother of four sons, and co-founder of Masterful Living.

"Pam writes, ‘The first step to stewarding this treasure is to see yourself and the gifts God has given you as valuable. The second is to decide to discover the gifts and the best ways to maximize what He has deposited in your life.’ Life, she explains, is God's gift to women; how women give it back to Him is their gift to God, their Creator and Sustainer.

"I absolutely loved this book, and I highly recommend it to any woman at any stage of life after age 18. Pam ministers to singles, wives, moms, working women, ladies involved in church activities, and even college students. Each chapter is about 20 pages long, making it perfect for a time of reading and respite each day." -- Heather Neilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For many women, life feels like it is spinning out of control. All over the country, wonderful mothers and successful businesswomen are telling bestselling author and popular speaker Pam Farrel they feel exhausted, fragmented, and unsure. They believe they are a disappointment to their parents, husband, children, friends, co–workers, bosses, church leaders, themselves, and God. Many have given up their hopes and dreams and allowed life to just happen. Tragically, they’ve decided not to decide. In a liberating interview, Farrel will show women how to gain control of their overwhelmed lives, teach them how to determine what is important, and encourage them to make tough decisions that simplify life in the long run.

Without a clear focus, life happens to us rather than for us. Farrel coaches women to reject the fears that paralyze them — fear of inadequacy, fear of failure, fear of taking on leadership, fear of stress, etc. and encourages them to pursue their chosen path. She will also point out that most of us come from broken places, but the tendency to blame others only serves to wear us down when we need to own the issues, address them, and move forward. Farrel teaches ten way s to say “no” and discuss how to reclaim the value of our time energy, and talents. In an encouraging interview, Farrel will empower women to overcome obstacles that interfere with making good decisions including how to turn down the negative and turn up the positive. She will grant women permission to take care of themselves. She will discuss how to:

  • Overcome obstacles that interfere with making good decisions
  • Say “no” to commitments without suffering any guilt
  • Recognize the value of personal time, energy, and talents
  • Reject the tendency to live in fear
  • Prioritize people and how you relate to them