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Trade Paperback
450 pages
Jan 2004
Harvest House Publishers

Becoming Olivia

by Roxanne Sayler Henke

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"Becoming Olivia by Roxanne Henke is a story of joy and courage that will touch many. It is the story of Olivia Marsden; her daughter, sixteen year old Emily; and Olivia’s struggle with depression. It is about giving up control so that God can work His will; of letting go of worry so that God’s peace and joy can be felt.

Olivia is juggling a writing career, being the wife of a bank CEO, following her teenage daughter’s school activities, and dealing with losing her best friend to cancer. Emily is struggling with wanting to be popular while ignoring the price. In the midst of all this, Olivia starts experiencing severe headaches, deep lethargy, a fear of being around crowds, and eventually intense anxiety.

"When Olivia finally admits that she needs psychiatric help, she goes to Dr. Sullivan, who is battling his own ghosts. As Olivia exhibits her steadfast faith during counseling, Dr. Sullivan is drawn back to the God he had rejected. However, Olivia’s continual insistence on being in control has her using her prescriptions minimally. But when she finds herself considering suicide, she commits herself to a psychiatric ward. There she finds emotional and physical healing as God teaches her more about His love and provision.

"The declining relationship between Olivia and Emily is vividly pictured from both sides as each deals with their individual problems--alone. The situation climaxes when Emily goes to a forbidden party. Yet God’s providence is again evidenced when her long-time friend, Mike, shows up to save her from a beating and worse.

"This is a powerful book for anyone who has experienced any degree of depression.  It gets intense as we experience Olivia’s thought life as the depression deepens. But God’s quiet voice of assurance is always there, too. There are many gems of blessing throughout this book. For example: 'Courage…is action in spite of fear.' 'How do you measure joy?…Maybe you can’t…Maybe joy is an emotion so deep it’s unfathomable…Maybe we’re not meant to measure joy, but to let it come to us.'

"I highly recommend this book for women--both teenagers and adult. You will be blessed and challenged to accept the changes God brings--even through pain." -- Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Roxanne Henke’s first book in the Coming Home to Brewster series, After Anne, received great reviews and enthusiastic sales, appearing on the Crossings Book Club bestseller list.  The second book in the series, Finding Ruth, was also a huge success, as more readers fell in love with small–town Brewster and its people.

In this third novel, Roxanne returns to the life of Olivia “Libby” Marsden, the main character in After Anne.

Libby has the perfect life...good kids, a wonderful husband, and a strong Christian faith.  Why then is she increasingly depressed?

Libby discovers that sometimes God works through the most unexpected circumstances to help us become who we’re meant to be, as readers will discover in this touching novel.