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Trade Paperback
250 pages
Mar 2004
Harvest House Publishers

Mom Overboard: 12 Lifesavers for Moms Who'd Rather Swim Than Sink

by Robin Chaddock

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“With all of the schedules, commitments, choices and input a mother has today, it’s easy to lose focus on the essence of life in God. Your only hope to maintain balance is to understand first who you are as a unique woman in God’s creation. It is your major life raft in the choppy water of life. Mom Overboard offers you a step by step plan for identifying and living your uniqueness. You’ll also find nearly a dozen ways to stay centered and filled with God’s Spirit as you make your way through the waves with your boat in tact. Reclaim your deck chair on the S. S. Sanity! Your wholeness and your family depend on it.” — Robin Chaddock, author of Mom Overboard

Book Jacket:

Sink or swim. That’s the decision facing many moms. Caught in nonstop activities for their kids and bombarded by myriad choices, moms are struggling—and feeling like they’re drowning—every day.

Life counselor, personal coach, and busy mom Robin Chaddock offers 12 “Lifesavers” that will keep moms afloat and help them manage their lives. These include:

  • exploring their “divine assignment”—their god–given purpose
  • dealing with the joys and difficulties of child–rearing
  • creating stronger relationships
  • discerning when to say yes and when to say no
  • learning how to listen and how to be heard

Robin also helps readers understand how each Lifesaver connects them to the true source of a mother’s wisdom and strength—Jesus Christ.