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Trade Paperback
250 pages
Jan 2005
Harvest House Publishing

The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations: Understanding the History, Beliefs, and Differences

by Ron Rhodes

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Want to get to know your Christian neighbors better? The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations will help you towards that goal. This is a simply set up, full of information book, with 17 sections of the Christian faith, from Advent to Fundamentalist to Reformed Churches. Each section contains a brief history of that particular group, then an overview of each of its more common denominations including statements about their beliefs concerning the Bible, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Sin and Salvation, Church, and Sacraments. Dotted throughout these chapters are side bars discussing some of the debates and varying beliefs, with Bible references. An introduction briefly looking at Christian history profitably begins this compendium.

Radio personality, author, president of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministry, and Th.D, Ron Rhodes gives us a useful, interesting tool for working within the Christian sphere in The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations. Quoting from denominational references, Rhodes presents their beliefs as they state them. Researching this book was a large project involving help from each of the denominations involved. The author shares all this research with the reader via the bibliography, which contains websites and books from each denomination. An index of denominations, persons, and charts adds to this book’s usefulness. Both laymen and church professionals will find this book a profitable addition to their libraries. Inquisitive readers will read with enjoyment, as they flip pages back and forth comparing denominations. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Do you ever wonder...

What's the difference between one denomination and another?
Why do several denominations call themselves Baptist or Presbyterian or Lutheran?
Where do those names come from anyway?

Now you can find the answers to your questions in this concise but comprehensive guide. You'll learn fascinating facts about the people, circumstances, and teachings behind most of the churches in America. In addition to membership statistics, you'll find

  • a brief explanation of how the denomination began
  • a short summary of its teaching on God, the Bible, the church, and other important topics
  • a quick overview of some of its distinctive characteristics

Whether you're looking for a new church or enriching your fellowship with believers from other traditions, you'll be much better prepared with The Complete Guide to Christian Denominations