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Trade Paperback
200 pages
Mar 2004
Harvest House Publishers

Fast Facts on the Masonic Lodge

by John Ankerberg & John Weldon

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“With the express purpose of comparing the teachings of the Masonic Lodge with Christianity, respected authors, John Ankerberg and John Weldon, have coauthored Fast Facts On The Masonic Lodge. Written in the question and answer style of the Fast Facts series, it clearly examines some of the secret teachings and practices of the Masonic Lodge to help both Christians and Masons gain a better understanding of this organization. While expressing concerns about its claims, the authors are careful to point out that they are questioning the organization known as the Masonic Lodge and are not condemning individual Masons.

“Although the Masonic Lodge boasts a membership of over two million members worldwide, Ankerberg and Weldon maintain that there are very few people who really know or understand the teachings of Freemasonry. Because many of its practices are done in secret, most (including many Masons) are not aware that it is more than a benevolent brotherhood, but a religion with a set of core beliefs and religious teachings. As Drs. Ankerberg and Weldon shine the light of Biblical truth against the writings of Masonry, their backgrounds in apologetics, church history and comparative religions provide the necessary expertise to show how Freemasonry deviates from the Biblical teaching of God, namely, by denying the deity of Jesus Christ and His exclusive claims as Savior.

“With quotes from Masonic books and primary source materials written by Masons and former Masons, the authors present their cause for concern. Contrasting the ‘any god will do’ teachings of Masonry with the claims of Jesus Christ to be ‘the way, the truth and the life’ (John 14:6), they present the Masonic conclusion that ‘all men can achieve eternal life regardless of their personal religious beliefs by being good men.’ As the authors question the impossibility of a Christ-less salvation, they pose the question, ‘How can a Christian who claims to believe in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior continue to hold up an organization that denies the truth about Christ?’

“An organization that is as widespread as the Masonic Lodge certainly deserves close scrutiny by Christians and Masons alike. Surely, the questions posed by Ankerberg and Weldon would cause a Christian to put forward questions of his own regarding the eternal implications of belonging to the Masonic Lodge. As the Word of God is presented in this Fast Facts book, there is hope for the Mason, not through the Lodge and its system of ‘personal righteousness,’ but through Jesus Christ alone and His ‘complete and absolute forgiveness of every sin—past, present and future.’ After you read Fast Facts On The Masonic Lodge and compare the claims of Freemasonry with those of Jesus Christ, you won’t want to put this book back on your shelf. This is a message to be shared.” -- Susan Hammond, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Are Masonry and Christianity truly compatible? Using their concise question–and–answer style, noted researchers John Ankerberg and John Weldon look at the basics of the issue, examining Masons’ claims and terminology and asking such critical questions as—

Is Freemasonry a religion?
What do Masons teach about Jesus Christ?
What do Masonic symbols represent?
Is the God of the Bible also the God of the Masonic Lodge?

Easy to follow and practical, this thought–provoking resource will help readers understand one of North America’s most widespread organizations—and the beliefs of people belonging to it—in light of the clear teaching of the Bible.