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Trade Paperback
300 pages
Jan 2005
Harvest House Publishers

Forgiving Solomon Long

by Chris Well

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Crime boss “Fat Cat” Catalano owns Kansas City, but a small band of business owners and clergy have determined to break the gangster’s hold. When the group starts to get a little annoying just as Fat Cat’s about to make important changes in the family business, he brings in a hit man to get his point across.

Solomon Long, or “Solo,” is one of the best in the business, and he begins knocking off his targets with chilling accuracy and cruel sense of irony. Detective Tom Griggs and the others on the force have had their hands full trying to bring down Fat Cat, and this string of murders pushes them past their limits. Griggs doesn’t have time for any distractions, and that includes his increasingly distant wife.

Then Solo’s world falls apart when the preacher he stabs whispers, “I forgive you,” with his dying breath. What was matter-of-fact and pang-free now has him headed for a nervous breakdown. But he has to finish his contract – unless he wants to be next on Fat Cat’s hit list.

An intelligent thriller that combines sit-coms with Shakespeare, Fruit Loops with coffee, and gunfights with church, Forgiving Solomon Long is anything but ordinary fare. Crisp action and snappy dialog portray a milieu of distinctive characters. A pungent spiritual message permeates the whole novel but doesn’t overwhelm it. This offering from first-time novelist Chris Well should be savored by all, especially men. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Visit Kansas City--home of the Star, the Chiefs, and the blues. Have the time of your life. Just don't lose it if you meet one of these players at the end of his piece...

Crime boss Frank "Fat Cat" Catalano--a man with a vision
With dreams of building a legacy, Fat Cat has his fingers in nearly every business sector, legal or otherwise. But a coalition of local store owners and clergy has gotten it into their heads to band together and try to break Catalano's stranglehold.

Detective Tom Griggs--a man with a mission.
He and his small task force have been shadowing Fat Cat's operations, looking for cracks in the wall. Griggs will give it all he has until the whole house comes down. No matter the cost. Even if that cost is neglecting--and losing--his wife.

Hit man Solomon "Solo" Long -- a man with a job
Fat Cat's about to make important changes in the family business...and doesn't need troublemakers rocking the boat. Solo is a "cleaner" flown in from the coast to make sure the locals get the message.

It all adds up to a thriller that crackles with wit and unexpected heart--that smokes you with machine-gun action and hits you in the gut with a powerful message of forgiveness.