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Trade Paperback
300 pages
Mar 2006
Harvest House Publishers

Deliver Us from Evelyn

by Chris Well

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When media billionaire Warren Blake disappears, the poor minions at his publishing company are forced to follow every whim of his not-very-heartbroken wife, Evelyn -- otherwise known as Queen Evel. Someone at the office has started a blog speculating on the mystery of Blake’s disappearance, and little dreams of the havoc her anonymous posts will cause.

Now that crime boss “Fat Cat” is out of the picture, other crooks are looking for a piece of the Kansas City crime pie. The Russian mafia meets with Evil Duke Cumbee’s men only to find out it’s a trap. A thug from the bottom of the pile gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and soon is on the run for his life.

When Evelyn Blake finally decides to make a fuss about her missing husband, members of the Kansas City Police Department, including detectives Tom Griggs and Charlie Pasch, are forced to drop everything and find him. The politically-charged case guarantees conflict between local cops and the Feds, which include Griggs’ friend O’Malley.

After “killing” his previous alias, the Right Fair Doctor Reverend Damascus Rhodes is ready to con someone new for a living, and the grieving rich Mrs. Blake seems the perfect target.

With multiple subplots stacked up like a parfait dessert, Chris Well once again delivers a delectable novel. He places the scenes like a movie director, using a few phrases at the beginning to paint a visual picture of what’s happening, letting the action play to the right moment, then cutting to the next scene. Several familiar characters from Forgiving Solomon Long are back and continue to deepen, but Deliver Us from Evelyn can be read on its own. Whether you read it for the rapid-fire plot, witty humor, or zany allusions, you’re sure to enjoy this treat. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Kansas City, the heart of America -- where the heartless Evelyn Blake lords over the Blake Media empire.

Inconveniently, her reclusive billionaire husband and KC mayoral candidate, Warren Blake, has vanished. And a lot of people are climbing on the "Where is Blake?" bandwagon...

Rev. Damascus Rhodes (his current alias) figures a man of the cloth can properly console the grieving Mrs. Blake.

Revenge–focused mobster Viktor Zhukov has figured out Blake was tied in with a rival gang’s ambush.

Detectives Tom Griggs and Charlie Pasch are feeling the heat from on high to get this thing solved.

By the end of this twist-and-turn thriller, everybody on both sides of the law is scrambling to figure out what happened to Blake. Some find unexpected redemption, and more than a few are begging...Deliver Us From Evelyn...