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Trade Paperback
216 pages
Jul 2005
Harvest House Publishers

The Remarkable Prayers of the Bible

by Jim George

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It is often said that the best way to learn to do something well is to have it modeled for you by someone who has. This speaks well for many of life’s endeavors, including our spiritual lives in Christ. There is, however, a caveat to be made about spiritual living through modeling as a broad principal. The Bible is replete with examples, some to be followed and others to be denied or merely admired. We can observe the experiences of others, but we need to be careful about adapting their experiences as normative behavior to emulate. God is working uniquely in each of His children as well as consistently in all of His children. There has been a trend of Bible character study of recent, and while there is insight to be gained, there are no maps for living only Biblical principals to guide us and biblical imperatives that are indicative of the work of God in our lives.

With that said, The Remarkable Prayers of the Bible is a useful tool for those who desire to appreciate the work of God in the lives of those who have gone before us. The book is available with an optional study guide to draw practical applications for developing models of prayer. This may be less desirable than using the book alone to relish in the faithfulness of God to His people, rather than adapting their experiences as guides for us to follow. Each chapter includes a section titled, “A Lesson to Learn about Prayer” which should be heeded as principal for consideration, rather than blueprints for building a powerful prayer life. We are prone to desire others to just tell us what to do, give us a list to complete or a plan to follow. One important observation that Jim George makes is that these individuals had interaction with God in the midst of real life. What should draw our interest is how God dealt with these individuals, not on the basis of what they did but according to His faithful loving-kindness. After all, powerful prayer comes naturally when we are convinced about how great our God is. – Tom Gindorf, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Want to deepen your prayer life?

Pull back the curtain and witness for yourself the meaningful communion that took place between God and men and women who followed Him wholeheartedly. As you listen to their prayers, you'll discover exciting truths that will transform your prayer life, including:

  • God consideres no issue too small for us to bring to Him
  • God is a deliverer who hears us anyplace at any time
  • God is always in control, even in life's unexpected turns
Every chapter includes "Lessons to Learn" and valuable "Prayer Principles" that list the many ways prayer can change you--lifting you to new heights of spiritual maturity and intimacy with God.