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Mass Paperback
144 pages
Mar 2005
Harvest House Publishers

One-Minute Answers: The Evidence for Christianity

by Ralph Muncaster

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All believers are called to bear witness to the credibility of the Christian faith. One-Minute Answers: The Evidence for Christianity is a pocket guide that can help to do that, with quick, concise answers aimed at the unbelieving onslaught that sometimes intimidates us into silence. The book addresses issues like creation, the existence of God, Christ’s resurrection, the truth of the Trinity, and other common questions.

We should never shy away from an open door of opportunity to witness, but before we can speak with confidence, we need to know the facts that lie behind our faith. Ralph Muncaster, author of Evidence for Christianity, has provided evidence that comes from history, prophecy, science, and ancient manuscripts, giving believers a valuable witnessing tool that contains proofs from man’s own documented discoveries.

Jesus’ parting words were, “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). In order to do that, we need to be thoroughly convinced, and then we need to be adequately equipped. One-Minute Answers can help to do both.

I highly recommend the book to all Christian teens and adults. – Nancy Kay Brown, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

p>When you try to talk about God, Jesus, or the Bible, are you getting through -- or getting nowhere?

One-Minute Answers can help you with

  • concise answers to many typical questions you'll encounter
  • references that lead you to in-depth resources
  • suggestions about how you can follow up on conversations and develop relationships

Ralph Muncaster, a former atheist who understands how skeptics and seekers think, has developed this handy tool to fit into your pocket, pack or purse. And that's just where you'll need it for these topics that come up with friends, family, or people you meet throughout the day.