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Trade Paperback
189 pages
Feb 2006
Harvest House Publishers

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The teacup lady, Emilie Barnes has penned Heal My Heart, Lord as a consolation book. In the first of ten chapters, Barnes quickly assures, "God will heal your heart." She proceeds to address those with busy hearts, distrusting hearts, angry hearts, troubled hearts, lonely hearts, discouraged hearts, weary hearts, or impatient hearts. Certainly I've fallen into each category at some time in my life, often several simultaneously.

Woven throughout the chapters is the story of the turmoil in Barnes' adult daughter's life and the traumatic health issues the author has struggled with in recent years. Soothing the tender hurts of those who have been wounded by abuse, she wrote, "For a few, filling our cup with gratitude for the past means just being grateful that it's over!" Each chapter ends with comforting Scriptures.

Does it seem that you've prayed and cried to the Lord without seeing His response? "The longer I had to wait for God's answer, you see, the more I poured the Word of God into my cup," Barnes writes. "He doesn’t have to do things the long way! God is God and if he wants to zap us with a lightening bolt, he can. He could change our circumstances with the blink of an eye. But I think God is a lot more interested in changing hearts than he is in changing circumstances. And changing a stubborn human heart takes time, even for a sovereign Lord."

Barnes has written some 40 books over her extensive writing and speaking career. Heal My Heart, Lord is a book for those who are weary and have lost hope that God cares for them or will act on their behalf. It is a book of gentle hope. Our job, Barnes encourages, is to bring God the cup of our heart, whether it is filled with anger, discouragement, or loneliness. Let God clean your cup and fill it with Himself. – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

God is carrying you through...

Is your heart in desperate need of healing? Do you long for the quiet comfort that can only be found in the soothing presence of the Lord?

Sit down and put your feet up as author Emilie Barnes shares her own life journey scattered with obstacles. She empathetically offers this message of hope: Though you may not feel it, God is carrying you through each day with His never-ending strength. Each chapter will lead you in a new way to focus on the help God provides for any difficult situation you may take to Him.