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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Jan 2006
Harvest House Publishers

7 Biblical Truths You Won't Hear in Church

by David A. Rich

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David Rich dares you to read his book with “the fresh mind of a child,” and to allow yourself to be driven to God’s Word. In 7 Biblical Truths You Won’t Hear in Church, he seeks to help you get away from easy, but not-quite-correct Christian ideas, and open your mind to actual biblical truths. Like what, you ask? Three of the slightly skewed ideas Rich wants to set straight are: God views some sins as greater than others; what I see in the mirror is the real me; and I can make myself live for Jesus. Rich is not the first person to tackle these thoughts, but, as always, they are revolutionary ideas straight out of the Bible.

A basic book which will challenge you to think, 7 Biblical Truths You Won’t Hear in Church is in three parts: an introductory section to encourage you to open your mind to actual Bible truth; the seven truths under study; and, suggestions for making these truths real to yourself and others. Professional speaker and author, David Rich heads the GraceCamp Ministries which introduces scriptural truth in corporate presentations and Christian retreats.

Easily and quickly read, this book provides food for thought and a challenge to compare more of your ideas to biblical truth. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Mega churches strive to minister to thousands on any given Sunday and small, community churches scramble to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of parishioners. Having been replaced by feel-good messages, fire and brimstone sermons are largely a thing of the past. All the more reason statements made by motivational expert and seminar leader David Rich may shock your audience. Though statements are backed with keen insights filled with doctrinal truths expressing God’s grace and sovereignty, Rich’s claims sound so outrageous that people waste no time in picking up their Bibles to examine the facts. In a fast-paced interview, Rich will challenge you to discard a “what feels right” approach to faith. He is confident men and women will discover truths that open the heart and mind to loving and trusting God more than ever before.