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Trade Paperback
252 pages
Jan 2006
Harvest House Publishers

Restoring Order: Organizing Strategies to Reclaim Your Life

by Vicki Norris

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Why do some people make neatness look so easy while others despair of ever seeing their desktop again? Is it something in the way they think, the habits they maintain, or maybe in the genes? Vicki Norris, a professional organizer, tackles her readers' disorganization through changing their thinking in Restoring Order.

Norris believes that people need to analyze why they are disorganized. Some don't know how to organize, while others are packrats, and others are overwhelmed perfectionists. She takes the reader through prioritizing, the process of organization, pruning your stuff, and preparing to organize. She then leads the reader into strategies for organizing, including getting the kids involved. This is less a "what-do-I-do-with-the-kids'-wet-mittens" approach, than a study of the thought processes going into organization. Along the way she throws in some how-to tips for office and home management. She also explains why many people fail in organizing, why shortcuts don't work, and why parents should keep computer equipment where they can oversee their children's ventures into cyberspace.

Norris enlivens the book with lots of anecdotes from her family life and entrepreneurial experience. She provides a pleasant, thought-engaging read that makes the reader consider those troublesome areas in your home or office. Now that I'm done reading, I think I'd better organize my laundry room. – Debbie W. Wilson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The storm of consumerism has left generations of individuals buried under years of accumulated possessions and left to their own devices to dig themselves out. The good news is that Vicki Norris, professional organizer and a regular on HGTV’s nationally syndicated “Mission: Organization,” is here to help.

Vicki gives readers a framework that puts first things first and helps them

  • establish an understanding of their priorities
  • trade in the chaos of disorder for the peace of process
  • embrace a plan that is personalized and possible

Anyone who has ever stood in a room surrounded by unidentifiable or unreachable stuff will appreciate this sensible, biblical, and realistic approach to making a personal exodus from clutter to order.