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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Sep 2006
Harvest House

The Bare Bones Bible Handbook: 10 Minutes to Understanding Each Book of the Bible

by Jim George

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Got 10 minutes? Author Jim George tours you through the Bible in 66 easy and memorable lessons in just 10 minutes a day. Imagine having a grasp of the key ideas for every book of the Bible in just over 60 days.

What you will find in this resource are the essentials of every book of the Bible. Discover the grand theme and main points of each book. Identify key men and women from the Scriptures. Learn practical lessons for godly living from these individuals. There are maps, book outlines, dates when the book was authored, and short lists that organize the biblical material in a condensed and clear way.

The book is ordered following the Protestant tradition. There are no apocrypha books outlined. George starts with the background: author, date, setting, and theme. He then moves through “skeleton” outlines. These outlines use alliteration and are of a sermonic style. There is one brief summary paragraph for each point in the outline. The “Putting Meat On The Bones” section notes other significant material to explain the Biblical text. The “Fleshing It Out In Your Life” section will encourage you as George relates the Biblical text to your present circumstances. The “Life Lessons” section is organized in a bulleted fashion identifying key theological, relational, and practical principles that can be implemented in your life immediately. There is one additional list at the end of each chapter that very rarely goes past 10 points that summarize an important facet of the biblical text.

The Bare Bones of the Bible is an excellent tool for gleaning the nuts and bolts from each book of the Bible. If you are a mom or dad trying to keep it simple for your kids, a student trying to review the essence of each book of the Bible, or are just curious about the Bible and want a biblical-based perspective of the Scriptures, or you want to share your faith and talk intelligently about the Bible, look no further than The Bare Bones of the Bible Handbook. – John Fallahee, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The perfect resource for a fast and friendly overview of every book of the Bible, The Bare–Bones Bible Handbook explores...

What is the grand theme of each book of the Bible?
What are the most important lessons for everyday life in each book?
Who are the key characters, and what do they teach us?
What are the key events in each book?

These important questions and more are answered in this fascinating reference guide by bestselling author Jim George, who has a natural gift for taking that which can be complex and making it clear.

This helpful, informative survey will give readers a mastery of the most important book ever written—they will find themselves referring to it again and again!