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Trade Paperback
144 pages
Apr 2006
Harvest House Publishers

Designing Your Home on a Budget

by Emilie Barnes & Yoli Brogger

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“Style is not what you have, but what you do with what you have.” So begins Designing Your Home on a Budget, a book by Emilie Barnes and Yoli Brogger that serves up a cornucopia of ideas.

“To maintain a rich look on a not-so-rich budget, we suggest shopping with the 25-75 rule in mind,” the authors say. “That is, the bulk of your décor can come from very inexpensive sources and even be of poor quality – but your ‘cheap chic’ treasures should be balanced with a few pieces of real, lasting quality. At least 25 percent of your furnishings and accessories should feature quality materials and workmanship – a beautiful walnut chair, a fine-art piece, or a lovely bed to balance your discount-store linens, junk-shop mirror, and import-store blinds.”

Partnering with decorator Yoli Brogger, Barnes gives freedom to use the home as an artistic canvas to express the uniqueness of the individual. “We’re all unique, made up of different backgrounds, ethnic histories, and lifestyles,” Brogger writes. “And we’re all much more interesting than we think we are. So start expressing your uniqueness in your home and decide to love what you have.”

Designing Your Home on a Budget briefly provides the basics of home décor and then gives permission to break the rules. In addition to shopping retail, decorators are encouraged to seek special pieces from a variety of sources including grandma’s attic, estate sales, secondhand stores, and trading with friends.

Now a grandmother, Barnes was 17 when she married and set about creating a beautiful home “on no budget at all.” She described, “In those days Bob and I eagerly accepted castoffs and hand-me-downs. We wracked our brains for ways to transform these mismatched basics into a cozy, welcoming home. We spray-painted an old wrought-iron garden table for our kitchen. We moved the same little potted plants from kitchen to living room to bedroom. We rooted around behind charity shops for interesting discards we could hang on the walls in place of the art we didn’t own.”

Like an over stuffed chair, Designing Your Home on a Budget is stuffed with practical suggestions for recycling items for your individual purposes. Make ottomans and side tables from travel trunks, trays, or toy boxes. Use kitchen canisters in the utility room for dog treats, or in the study for office supplies. Hang anything on the wall from musical instruments to vintage clothing. Place patio furniture inside, and indoor pieces outside. Employ sheets for table cloths and curtains, and incorporate collections as part of the home décor.

The theme in Designing Your Home on a Budget is to create an environment that is welcoming, inviting, makes comfortable, attracts attention, and stimulates conversation. Seventeen chapters include: What’s My Style; How to Think (or Rethink) a Room; Kid Chic; and Decking the Walls. Inspiring quotes are sprinkled throughout, and chapters conclude with a list of Bright Ideas.

Emilie Barnes is a familiar author with 60 books to her credit including More Hours in My Day and The Twelve Teas of Christmas. Her husband, Bob is the author of What Makes a Man Feel Loved. Together, the Barnes clocked decades of marriage and parenting, battled her cancer, and are the founders of More Hours in My Day time- management seminars. Designing Your Home on a Budget is appropriate for newlyweds setting up housekeeping or for veterans itching to paint something artistically fresh on the canvas of their home. – PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Home-management expert Emilie Barnes teams up with designer Yoli Brogger to bring you decorating secrets that will make your home delightful and inviting...all within your budget.

Whether you prefer contemporary or country, formal or casual, Designing Your Home on a Budget provides basic design principles and shows how to implement or break them to create your own unique style and look. You'll discover how to...

  • add little touches to liven up a room
  • know when to refurbish and when to buy new
  • find affordable new and used treasures
  • emphasize a focal point
  • make a child's room fun and interesting

From artistic treatments for windows to choosing a beautiful bedspread, the hints, suggestions, and how-to steps Emilie and Yoli give will help you create the home of your dreams.