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Trade Paperback
239 pages
Jan 2006
Harvest House Publishers

How to Lead and Still Have a Life

by H. Dale Burke

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How to Lead and Still Have a Life by H. Dale Burke is a manual for all leaders—be they pastors or CEO’s, stay-at-home Moms or factory-working Dads.

Dr. Burke starts by presenting the premise that leadership "is a calling of the highest order. In each arena of our life, we are called to lead…We are to lead ourselves toward maturity as children of God…We are to be a lover-leader in our marriage…We are to lead our children to become healthy young adults…"

He pictures the growth of a leader as four concentric circles. The innermost circle represents our spirituality. To be a good leader, we need to know who our Leader is, have clear core values, and have a clear and compelling vision.

The next ring is Humility. People are more eager to follow someone who is willing to set an example than one who is always giving orders while sitting in his high office. Jesus himself set this example for us when he washed his disciples’ feet at the last Passover meal.

The next ring represents the Heart of Leadership. He breaks this down into four parts—Imagination, creating and instilling a vision; Mobilization, training others to take over various areas of responsibility; Specialization, seeking out your unique talents and abilities and maximizing them; and Innovation, being creative at the height of success to continue on.

The outer ring is the Heart of Execution—Concentration and Determination. We need to be focused on our goals. By breaking our leadership time into four categories, he illustrates how you can "juggle your demands effectively, spend less time picking up dropped balls, and even enjoy a regular day of no juggling at all!" At the backbone of execution is determination or perseverance. Hope drives our perseverance. Edison faced many defeats before the first electric light bulb worked. The Wright brothers wrecked many times before they finally got off the ground. But they all persevered until their dream was accomplished.

This book is set up as a workbook with questions and suggestions at the end of each chapter, assisting readers to take action on the covered topic. It is a great book for group study, also. I recommend it for anyone looking to grow but needing direction in that growth. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Dale Burke’s unique and powerful book Less Is More Leadership now in a trade binding is easier to keep on hand. Burke reveals how to work smarter and more efficiently to garner success that far exceeds results of the “work harder and longer” tactics.

Readers will gain knowledge of eight key disciplines based on Christ’s leadership style, including:

  • Spirituality—the Power of Convictions
  • Humility—the Power of Servant–leadership
  • Imagination—the Power of Vision
  • Mobilization—the Power of Letting Go
  • Innovation—the Power of Creativity

Business and ministry professionals, lay leaders, churches, schools, and anyone looking to transform their work, home, and life with the power of a new way of thinking will be empowered by these principles.