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Trade Paperback
Mar 2006
Harvest House Publishers

The 10 Best Decisions Every Parent Can Make

by Bill and Pam Farrel

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Parenting is serious business, best handled proactively and on purpose. Parenting my seven children is the most vital investment of my life, as well as the most challenging task I'll ever do. I can use all the help I can get.   

Being proactive is the theme of Bill and Pam Farrel's book, The 10 Best Decisions Every Parent Can Make. The husband and wife team recommend nine additional decisions parents should make while raising their children. Decide to be consistent; that character counts; to have a plan; to be creative; to be a student of your child; to partner with God; to build a network; to trust; and to celebrate.

Parenting requires boundless energy, diligence, and creativity. "When a tough time comes for you and your child, don't waste time worrying go directly to the top," the Farrels write. "Go to God and ask Him for a solution. Go to the best Christian leaders in the field. Go to the best doctors. Now is not the time to worry about hurting someone's feelings."

The 10 Best Decisions Every Parent Can Make reminds parents to slow down long enough to think through, and not react to, parenting challenges. There are issues to go to the mat for, but the condition of your child's heart is more important than the length of their hair. The Farrels emphasize the importance of yearly evaluations of each child's spiritual development and setting goals for the next year. As they get older, children are presented with additional privileges and responsibilities.

"Instead of dictating your teens' behavior and forcing your will on them, plan to transfer to them bit by bit the responsibility for their lives," the authors said. The Farrels do this by establishing "Learner and Leader contracts" with their children, listing clear guidelines and consequences concerning entertainment choices, driving the car, and dating standards.    

Involved in full-time ministry, the Farrels are the parents of three sons, one grown and married, one college age, and one in high school. The book is a window into their parenting experiences.

Though it starts out slow, the book quickly picks up speed and provides good take home value for the reader. Several times Pam Farrel describes that her prayers during a crisis were answered by a supernatural peace. For those who cry to God in desperation but don't receive that supernatural peace, God is still in control and still worthy of our trust and faith.

When you can't pray yourself or for an inspiring jumpstart, pages 135 and 136 offer prayers for wisdom, godly influence, and inner strength for your children. Each chapter ends with suggestions to put each decision into practice. The template contracts and questions for family discussions are worth the price of the book. Whether you are a two-parent home or a single parent family, The 10 Best Decisions Every Parent Can Make will help you focus on the important. PeggySue Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

You can give your kids all they need for a wonderful life

Do you ever wonder, Will my kids turn out okay? Will they make wise decisions? Will they be happy?

Bestselling authors Bill and Pam Farrel highlight ten decisions you can make that will help your kids experience all God intends for them. Their proactive parenting approach includes creative and effective ideas for:

  • creating character-building opportunities for your kids
  • helping your kids make wise decisions
  • building a family legacy your children will cherish
You'll also find ways to help kids learn basic life skills, hone their relational skills, and develop lives of devotion and service. Practical ideas abound for helping your kids share their faith, for parenting prodigals and kids in pain, and for preparing your teens to step out on their own.