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Trade Paperback
279 pages
May 2006
Harvest House Publishers

500 Handy Hints for Every Husband: Tips and Tools for Your Home, Yard, Garage, and Wallet

by Bob Barnes

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Bob Barnes has squeezed a lot of careers into his life: public orator, author, consultant, seminar leader, columnist, devotional writer, and husband. To manage all this, he has had to create systems for time management and personal organization, and hundreds of his plans and tips are found in this easy to read book. Although each of the book's five subsections could be a book by itself, Barnes uses a laser focus on each topic just to bring out the top priority aspects of setting goals, getting organized, managing health and finances, keeping up one's house and car, and maintaining proper home leadership.

Each division of the book concludes with "Bonus Tips," which can be wise sayings from the Bible, review points of that unit, or pragmatic insights on self-development. Each chapter begins with a clever quotation that establishes the message for that chapter. My personal favorite is a quote from Thomas Edison that starts Chapter 22: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try one more time."

The key benefit of this book is its functionality. It doesn't fill up space with anecdotes or laments or admonishments. Instead, it gives lists, processes, systems, plans of action, and charts. The section on how to set up one's office is detailed right down to the very type of light bulbs to put in your desk lamp (three-way, so that you can use the room in all weather and either day or night).

Barnes makes no apologies for referring to Scripture for wisdom on every topic he addresses. He quotes the Bible frequently, and he makes references to good role models from both Testaments. He proves that modern day topics, such as financial stewardship, marital relationships, family leadership, individual health, and career goal setting can benefit monumentally by studying what God has to say about these matters.

This book is pragmatic, systematic, well organized, and modern. Men who need more hours in their day, more money in their wallets, and more wisdom in their decisions will benefit greatly from this book. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Save money, time, and energy...and eliminate hassles!

Time-management expert Bob Barnes gives you tried-and-true work-saving tips to lighten your load. From setting goals to cleaning out the garage, from taking charge of your finances to improving your family life, you'll find hundreds of practical ideas for making your home life less stressful and more organized.