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Trade Paperback
Feb 2007
Harvest House Publishers

Billions of Missing Links: A Rational Look at the Mysteries Evolution Can't Explain

by Geoffry Simmons

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Fun to read and full of information, Dr. Geoffrey Simmons introduces Billions of Missing Links by saying that all this wonderful life-filled world is full of processes beyond complexity and is an evolutionary impossibility (p. 13). Then he proceeds to sweep us into realities more wonderful than any fantasy, and continually points out there are no ‘missing links’ to explain the evolution of such complexities. Simmons is totally convinced of the truth of Intelligent Design (ID) and credibly gives us the proof of why this is true.

Early in this volume, Simmons explains the theory of ID. It is not synonymous with Creationism, although Creationists, both young world and old world, can value it. People of many beliefs and many scientists subscribe to ID. This author often refers to billions of years of growth. Don’t let this push you, as a Creationist, away. The information contained in this book will be powerful ammunition for you, leaving you in joyful wonderment at the greatness of our God.

The Christian publishers, Harvest House, included a pamphlet with my copy of this book: Intelligent Design: What You Need to Know. This pamphlet begins with quotes from the Bible, provides pertinent scientific data, answers objections to ID, and shows how Christians use this theory.

The pelican’s nostril has a flap that closes when it dives. There are over a hundred different proteins in leech saliva. The elephant’s bone structure is specifically designed to cope with its massive size. Our bodies contain 10 to 75 trillion cells, each one designed to do a special job. Those facts are but a sampling of the hundreds you'll read. Billions of Missing Links starts on the land, enters the sea, takes to the air, burrows into the ground, and considers the sub-microbial world. It considers motion, structure, chemistry, electricity, bioluminescence, symbiosis, natural law, plants, animals, humans - and much more.

A talented fact-gatherer as well as a scientist, Simmons’ interest-catching writing style coupled with wonders of life makes this a hard-to-put-down book. Add to this interesting black and white illustrations and engrossing sidebars, and you’ve got a book well worth reading. The bibliography provides many scientifically-based books which will help you read further into whatever of the myriad subjects interests you most. Simmons’ other book on this subject, What Darwin Didn’t Know, is just as engrossing. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Dr. Geoffrey Simmons focuses on the millions of structures and systems on the Earth that came about all at once, entire...with no preceding links, no subsequent links, no “sideways” links.

To illustrate, he surveys examples like...

  • the hummingbird and its circulatory system
  • insects and insect–eating plants<
  • the role of the thousands of species of viruses
  • chemical signals and the sensory apparatus that detects them
  • the self–regulating capacity of the Earth’s ocean/air/soil system