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Trade Paperback
135 pages
Jan 2006
Harvest House Publishers

Creation vs. Evolution DVD: What Do Current Scientific Discoveries Reveal?

by Ralph O. Muncaster

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Although it seems that the debate between these viewpoints has been going on for millions of years, the information in this DVD has the potential to end this controversy in only 135 minutes! Presented in a lecture-style format and packed with stunning graphics and computer animation, the material provides solid evidence for the Creationist theory. Simplified concepts and succinct definitions of key terms allow all viewers to get a thorough understanding of this important issue.

Each segment of the video was produced in independent sections, thereby making it easy to navigate the menu and review the topics. After beginning with a brief history of evolution, some of the more notable scientists on both sides of the debate are introduced. The motivation and the implications of the rift between science and theology are examined, highlighting the bias that resulted. Micro- and macro-evolution are clearly differentiated, while the lack of fossils from the higher orders is highlighted.

Most impressive were the mathematical computations showing the improbability of evolution. As with every section of this DVD, the calculations and the thinking behind them were slowly and carefully explained. Profound concepts from the fields of physics and microbiology are made clear to every viewer regardless of their prior training in these areas.

Ralph O. Muncaster speaks with authority and clarity on a vital issue. Investing the time to thoughtfully watch this DVD will equip viewers with powerful arguments and reasoning that will both glorify God and reveal the truth of His wonderful Creation. – Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Now available in DVD format...a popular and exciting exploration of the evidence that is tearing down the barrier between science and Christianity.

Creation vs. Evolution reveals the facts through vivid graphics, vibrant computer animation, and straight talk that illustrates how the latest scientific discoveries support creationism as a valid viewpoint. This presentation contains 10 sections, with each one focusing on a specific science and providing easy–to–understand, authoritative research that speaks to the skeptic, scientist, and layperson. These sections cover microbiology, physics, probability analysis, cosmology, and more.

Includes a 45–minute bonus section for those who desire to learn how to engage in discussions with those who hold to opposing views.