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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Jul 2007
Harvest House Publishers

Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture: Practical Help for Shaping Your Children's Hearts, Minds, and Souls

by Mary DeMuth

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Authentic Parenting in a Postmodern Culture by Mary DeMuth has an intriguing title. What is postmodernism and how will understanding it help me be a stronger and better parent? Parenting children in a postmodern world requires great diligence. A missionary would not go to evangelize in a foreign country and expect the people there to understand his language, DeMuth points out, rather he would learn all he could about their native tongue and culture. The world’s culture has changed so much over the last few generations that, though the truth does not change, how parents present the truth must change, or the message will be lost.

This book is not about how to parent in a post-modern style, but how to parent authentically while living in a postmodern culture. The author uses stories and personal experiences to explain the change from modern, a culture based on logic and reason, to postmodern, where the traditions and beliefs of modernity are challenged.

Mary DeMuth is a mom who spent several years with her husband and three children in France pioneering a church. Her experiences in a country where the postmodern worldview is prevalent, and her obvious faith in Jesus and the gospel make her an excellent source of guidance for today’s parents. “Since I had the opportunity to raise kids in the hyper-postmodern culture of France for a few years, I learned a lot about how to minister to kids there. It's why I wrote the book.” says the author.

This book explains how younger generations look at things, how they process life in the new millennium. I found the book full of practical, understandable, and useful information. The chapter on how to share the Bible with our children is advice I know I can use. DeMuth not only defines terms for the reader and points out pitfalls of this cultural shift, but she demonstrates how parents can tap into the strengths of the postmodern culture, such as the thirst for authenticity and transparency, the encouragement of community over individualism, and the denouncement of materialistic lifestyle.

I recommend this book to parents, who want to enjoy healthy communication with their children, and are willing to learn and change to build relationships. I recommend it to youth leaders, children’s ministers, pastors, and teachers. I know that you will be blessed and encouraged by the insight and wisdom DeMuth shares in this book.

Reviewed By Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What is postmodernism? Is it good or bad? Does it have anything to do with being an effective, godly parent? With sensitivity, grace, and a passion to help families experience authentic, life–changing relationships with God, Mary DeMuth describes the new way people are processing truth. She reveals effective ways for parents to communicate with today’s kids: by developing relationships, by learning along with their kids, by creating a safe haven for kids to explore their worlds, and more.