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Trade Paperback
432 pages
Jul 2007
Harvest House Publishers

The Hand That Bears the Sword

by George Bryan Polivka

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Okay, Firefish fans - hold tight! The Hand That Bears the Sword brings us further exciting escapades with Packer and Panna Throme and their wildly assorted group of totally believable, intensely interesting human (and non-human) adventurers. Under imminent threat of attack from Drammun, Nearing Vast calls on their great hero Packer Throme to protect them. And so this saga sets sail on further rollicking history, with stories of complex, grim dangers, great defeats, and wondrous victories experienced by deeply flawed heroes and complex villains (p. 134).  Packer’s heart-deep urge towards peace still grapples with his powerful ability to fight, an ability no whit lessened by the still-painful Firefish damage to his sword hand. Panna does not carry such qualms, and this beautiful, godly tomboy continues to slug those who her push her too far. The Firefish makes a most amazing reappearance. Characters we met before, return, including some we never expected to meet again. War, danger, betrayal, violence, great love, humor, and tragedy, the future welfare of countries and people - all this and more provides the ever widening scope of this chronicle.

Readers will recognize today’s wars and enemies within this volume. Having proved his great research abilities in his documentary A Hard Road to Glory, author George Polivka again uses those proclivities to produce a very recognizable religion for Drammun, as well as intense, breathing battles at sea and on land, and living conditions commensurate with the era and countries described. His colorful, ample description of characters, incidences, and background illumine this story into reality. While a rollicking fantasy adventure with a cast of personalities of many types, The Hand That Bears the Sword moves beyond adventure. This volume is an awareness snaring study into Christian growth under difficult circumstances. It capably takes its place beside those ageless, classic Christian novels which look profoundly into the deeper ideas of Christian philosophy.

Even if you have not read the first story in the Trophy Chase Trilogy, this second volume, The Hand That Bears the Sword will hold your interest, sending you back to the first one, The Legend of the Firefish. The third volume, titled The Battle for Vast Domain, will be published in January 2008. Readers from older elementary school age through adult will enjoy this trilogy. It makes excellent out-loud reading for classes and families. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Readers will thrill as newlyweds Packer and Panna Throme are once again thrust into high adventure. Pirate Scat Wilkins returns with evil intentions for Packer as the Trophy Chase sets sail for the deep waters once again. A new and surprising Hezzan in the Kingdom of Drammun has diabolical designs on not just Packer but on the entire Kingdom of Nearing Vast. And, at home, Panna must await Packer’s hopeful return while imprisoned by the lecherous Prince Mather.

Will Packer and Panna escape their separate dangers and find happiness in the Kingdom of Nearing Vast....or will the invading Drammune army steal away their future and that of all the people of Packer and Panna’s homeland?