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368 pages
Jan 2008
Harvest House

The Battle for Vast Dominion (Trophy Chase Trilogy)

by George Bryan Polivka

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War! Emmy winner Bryan Polivka brings the Trophy Chase trilogy to a close with The Battle For Vast Dominion, a brilliant, intriguing novel thatís sure to attract Trophy Chase fans and new readers alike. This book is written with a powerful Christian foundation that incorporates action, sea-faring and land adventure, and witty humor all into one savory treat.

Packer Throme has become king of Vast. But with the Drammun, the kingdomís godless enemies from across the sea invading their lands and threatening their people, the king and his wife Panna have little time to celebrate. That is, until something very strange happens. A truce between the fearsome Drammun and the people of Vast is made by order of the Hezzan, Talon, who seeks the secrets to controlling the Firefish and believes that she can get them from Packer. One of the terms to this treaty, however, is that Packer must travel to the Drammun lands, where he will meet her and share what he knows.

So, with a heavy heart, king Throme leaves his kingdom in the hands of his noble, Christian queen and, accompanied by Father Mooring, Delaney, and others, meets the wretched Talon face to face once again. But in time Packer learns that things are not well for the Hezzan. The Quarto want her dead, and Throme gets mixed up in a huge mess he hardly understands. And, to make things worse, there are traitors back home in Vast who want to usurp the throne. Will Packer Throme live to see his wife and kingdom again? Thereís Will the conspirators succeed in taking the throne?

Mr. Polivka has a great writing style that makes you want more as you continue to read. He has brought Scripture from the King James Version of the Bible into his work, spoken by his characters, and poses a variety of questions in creative ways. Some of the problems with this book, however, involve the dialogue. A few of the characters are a bit stiff, and even though the story takes place in a time where many people are illiterate, they donít necessarily have to sound like bumbling fools. Also, some of the scenes may be a bit too graphic for some peopleís tastes.

This is definitely one of the better pieces of Christian fiction out there, and I highly recommend it. Readers will get the action and adventure of a fairy tale while also being presented good, wholesome values found in the Christian faith. Joshua Wagner,

Book Jacket:

When The Legend of the Firefish, the first book in the Trophy Chase Trilogy was released in March of 2007, it immediately garnered great reviews and strong sales. Readers were then anxious for the second book in the trilogy, The Hand that Bears the Sword, released in July.

Now, in the eagerly awaited conclusion to the trilogy, author Bryan Polivka spins another compelling tale of pirates, monsters of the deep, and the battle between good and evil.

Packer Throme, determined to demonstrate that power comes only from above, leads his people in a war against the dreaded Drammune. The evil Hezzan of Drammun will kill without remorse for the secret of the Firefish...and so will dark forces lurking within Nearing Vast.

As army faces army, and navy faces navy, all are drawn inexorably to the source of the epic struggle... the feeding waters of the Firefish within the Achawuk Territory. One final surprise awaits Packer Throme there in the foreboding place where the struggle for the dominion of the world will be settled at last.

Book 3 in the Trophy Chase Trilogy.