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224 pages
Aug 2007
Harvest House

The Bible Is a Girl's Best Friend: Experiencing a Fresh Encounter with God's Word

by Sally Miller

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If youíre looking for a book that will help you liven up your Bible reading, Sally Millerís new book, The Bible is a Girlís Best Friend, would be a great place to start. In this book, the author compares the Bible to a best girlfriend, and each chapter explores another facet of how true that really is. In every chapter, she shares an anecdote about one of her friends, explains how that story is similar to the way Godís Word can be for us, and gives practical and insightful applications of the topic for personal Bible reading.

Sally Miller, who has authored and co-authored several books on spiritual growth, uses personal experiences and friendships to give excellent examples and applications on a variety of ways that Godís Word can resemble different aspects of a friendship. Whatís more, the authorís personal excitement and passion about this topic shows from the start and will help readers to get excited about reading the Bible themselves. The book is approached from such a fresh and relevant angle that it will give a person who has read the Bible backward and forward something new to go back for.

This book would make a wonderful tool for a womenís Bible study leader or a woman looking for a way to refresh her Bible reading. I found the book to be easy to read and very straight forward. Each of the chapters is only a couple of pages long, so even a busy mom should be able to fit a chapter into her day. I recommend this book to any woman with a desire to experience the Bible in a new and exciting way. -- Shannon Potelicki,

Book Jacket:

In a fresh, captivating style, Sally Miller presents a new way to approach Godís Word. Since women value close relationships, she encourages them to experience the Bible as an intimate friendóas someone who gives practical advice, offers loving comfort, and challenges them to grow.

The Bible Is a Girlís Best Friend is ultimately about the love and promise found in daily connection with God. Sally beautifully presents the Bible as the active way Godís speaks to people. Through stories of friendship, she reveals how God uses His Word to reach out to each readeróloving her, guiding her, correcting her, and offering her a personal relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus.

From the strength and support God offers during trials to the assurance that He is always with them, women will discover many lifeĖchanging truths and experience the joy of knowing they are loved by God and by friends.