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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Mar 2007
Harvest House Publishers

Frasier Island

by Susan Page Davis

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Most little girls feel the need to show off their strength and independence while harboring equally strong—and seemingly contradictory—desires to be pursued and cared for; these little girls then grow up to be women who often secretly crave these same things. Susan Page Davis characterizes these girlish longings in Frasier Island. Davis’ main character, Rachel Whitney, struggles to gain both respect and love during the course of her top-secret naval mission. Though the novel contains its share of frivolous incidences, but familiarity with longing for appreciation keeps the reader engaged.

Fresh out of training, Ensign Rachel Whitney is told that her first assignment is to scan radar screens 8 hours a day while stationed on a tiny island with two strange men. Though nervous about being the only woman on a three-person team, she is excited about her mission until she meets the famed George Hudson. She tries to convince herself that his standoffish ways and obvious disapproval don't have any effect on her, or her ability to perform her duties, but something about this man makes her temper flare—and her heart pound.

Despite the fact that much of the story is farfetched, Susan Page Davis does a good job of making sure the reader keeps the pages turning. Readers are willing to forgive the contrived situations and somewhat unlikely dialogue for the sake of a captivating plot and understandable heroine. The story, though sometimes corny and fantastical, is strangely addictive.

It is true that Davis portrays two men discussing emotions in great detail, making such unlikely statements as, “You've worked hard to keep your feelings at bay, haven't you?” replied to with equally strange confessions like, “I have decided not to love Rachel” (p. 72). Davis also depicts her characters diagnosing and remedying their own flaws too readily, with sudden, internal resolutions being made at awkward and unbelievable moments. Nevertheless, the reader can't help but become curious about the book's many running secrets, while cheering for Rachel to win her struggle for a place in a man's world, and a place in a certain man's heart.

Frasier Island makes for enjoyable reading, even for those who are not usually drawn to military novels. This story is for women who want to indulge shamelessly in sappy, romantic ideas and return to their girlhood dreams of bravery coupled with passion. – Amanda Branyan, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Seasoned novelist Susan Page Davis takes readers on an exciting military adventure where fear meets faith and weakness is exchanged for unexpected strength. After specialized underwater training,

Ensign Rachel Whitney is posted to a remote island in the North Pacific, a tiny scrap of rock guarding a highly classified secret. She could love her new assignment if her commanding officer, Lt. George Hudson, weren’t so obstinate—and a bit distrustful.

Despite George’s first reaction to her presence on the island, Rachel sets out to prove she is perfect for the job. She doesn’t dream of being a heroine or falling in love, but months later, when word leaks out about the prize they are guarding, Rachel and George have few resources besides each other and their faith in God to foil an enemy attack that could endanger all of America.