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144 pages
Mar 2008
Harvest House Publishers

A Biblical Point of View on Intelligent Design

by Kerby Anderson

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Popular radio host and director of Probe Ministries, J. Kerby Anderson examines the theory of evolution and explains the ideology of intelligent design in his book A Biblical Point of View on Intelligent Design. Addressing the tendency of scholars to rely solely on evolution’s explanation of existence, Anderson argues that intelligent design is a theory worthy of more attention than it receives in textbooks and modern thought. Fervently discounting Darwinian evolution, he references several significant figures and texts to explain his stance. Nevertheless, although he is obviously a proponent of intelligent design, his seemingly biased statements are supported by convincing statistics and logical arguments.

Anderson begins by identifying the controversy and explaining the essence of each theory. He then performs an in-depth examination of intelligent design, employing a series of questions and answers that negate the beliefs of evolution. At the end of the book, he explains how scholars and religious people should interpret the information intelligent design provides at face value. Although the theories he discusses require complex diction and detailed processes, he proves proficient at explaining scientific topics in laymen’s terms. While in grad school at Yale University, Anderson had the opportunity to examine fossils and ancient artifacts firsthand, studying under the best minds of his time. Since then he has authored several books, and he is nationally known for his radio talk show Point of View.

Anderson uses his network of experts and fascinating findings to reveal the less appealing side of evolution, exposing it as “an elaborate hoax” supported by little or no more evidence than intelligent design. However, his conclusions are bittersweet for Christians hoping to find proof of the creation account as described in Genesis: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). Although Anderson explains that intelligent design is compatible with Christianity, he emphasizes that it need not be limited to satisfy the beliefs of any religious affiliation, claiming that it is ultimately the “responsibility of the evangelist and apologist to connect the dots.”
Overall, Anderson’s assertions are very interesting and thought provoking; however, they must be approached with an open mind. Although he sites statistics, his style is very persuasive, and the information he presents requires extra consideration to silence a series of unanswered questions. Anyone willing to embrace new observations about the realms of science and religion would find A Biblical Point of View on Intelligent Design worthwhile. – Kara Hackett,

Book Jacket:

Intelligent design is a big topic of debate in the educational, political, scientific, and religious arenas. But why? Is it in opposition to evolution? Does it represent Creationism? Author and national director for Probe Ministries, Kerby Anderson, explores the arguments, the truths, the myths, and the vital questions readers should be asking about intelligent design.

* Is intelligent design science or religion? * How did naturalism become the dominant philosophy? * What don’t evolutionists want to admit? * Is there a scientific foundation for intelligent design? * How does intelligent design compare to biblical creation?

With a clear and detailed presentation of information, Anderson guides readers through intelligent design and naturalism to help them form their opinions, enter into the discussion, and stand on a foundation of historical facts, present day findings, and valuable insight.