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96 pages
Apr 2009
Harvest House Publishing

The Facts on the Bible

by John Ankerberg

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The Facts on the Bible, written by John Ankerberg, John Weldon, and Dillon Burroughs, is the newest installment of The Facts on series. This small book seeks to convince readers of the Bible’s trustworthiness and divine inspiration, while exploring the misguided thinking of those who criticize it.

The first half of The Facts on the Bible is mostly spent discussing evidence of the Bible’s divine inspiration, while the second half explores the faults of rationalistic biblical criticism. Unfortunately, this is as organized as the book gets. Though each chapter is labeled with a question which it is supposed to answer, more often than not readers are left with an answer to a totally different question, or a jumble or random information that answers nothing. And, though all three authors are qualified to be writing about the Bible, they seem to have forgotten that their book is addressed to laypersons. Almost none of their main points are properly explained and most of their evidence is only mentioned in passing—it’s as if they expect their readers to already know everything they are discussing, and are only providing a review of the material.

This lack of organization and understanding of who their audience is makes The Facts on the Bible almost completely useless to anyone without seminary training. Only a reader who has already studied the history of the Bible and is looking for a refresher course would be able to get something out of it, and even he or she would find the book somewhat confusing. This was a good idea that just didn’t come together. – Kate R. Miller,

Book Jacket:

The Facts On series has sold more than 1.9 million copies and continues to provide information, facts, and foundational truths to help Christians understand their faith and their world.

How can Christians be sure that the Bible is the Word of God and a trustworthy foundation for their faith? John Ankerberg and John Weldon, the respected coauthors of many popular apologetics books, examine the Bible from various angles—history, archaeology, science, and logic—as they

  • explore of the accuracy of the biblical text
  • expose current critical fallacies
  • demonstrate that the Bible is supremely reliable
  • show how fulfilled prophecy is the result of divine inspiration
  • encourage readers to confidently share God’s message

This confidence–building resource affirms the uniqueness and inerrancy of the Christian Scriptures and provides a quick, updated reference for students, pastors, teachers, and all believers.