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Trade Paperback
224 pages
Jan 2010
Harvest House Publishers

Crave: Wanting So Much More of God

by Chris Tomlinson

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Crave: Wanting So Much More of God by Chris Tomlinson is a book that discusses how everyone craves something, but fulfillment never comes unless that craving is filled by the One who created it. Each chapter is marked by a one-word title that concentrates on a different aspect of Christians and their relationship with God. One chapter discusses comfort and how many times Christians need to step out of their comfort zones to follow Godís will. Another chapter expands on the biblical idea of Christians being the light of the world and how that affects non-believers.

Tomlinson is entirely open and vulnerable in the sharing of his struggles, achievements, and the valuable lessons heís learned in his relationship with the Lord. Insightful conclusions are made and a couple of stories in particular show Godís majesty. There is no overarching verse that correlates with the book, but multiple times Tomlinson uses Scripture to support his conclusions.

Although there are several strong, positive aspects of the book, the inspiring thoughts and stories are ultimately, unfortunately, outweighed by the not-so-inspiring. The book is more like Tomlinsonís own testimony than a devotional or how-to book. Several times his main points drift off into various stories which donít quite connect or come together.

Crave is aimed toward teenagers and adults, but the type of humor and sometimes watered-down message inadvertently make it speak to a younger audience. The book as a whole doesnít seem as textually strong or connected as it should be. Ultimately, Crave falls short in offering its readers what it advertises as a book discussing how to fulfill oneís craving for God. Ė Emily Jean Morgan,

Book Jacket:

People yearn for many things, but only Jesus Christ can satisfy the deepest cravings of the human heart. Many individuals, however, have settled for a cultural Christianity and lost their vibrant, day-by-day relationship with Him. This collection of short, real-life stories from an exciting young author reveals that life with God can be a surprising, challenging, and richly satisfying journey.