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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Jun 2010
Harvest House Publishers

Ransome's Crossing (The Ransome Trilogy, Bk 2)

by Kaye Dacu

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Kay Dacus’s book, Ransome’s Crossing, is a delightful story about adventure, rocky pasts, forbidden romance, learning to trust, and finding love in unexpected places. Charlotte Ransome, the main character, takes to the sea disguised as a midshipman so that she can pursue her fiancé. Her actions result in her learning some very hard lessons and putting herself, as well as others, in dangerous and compromising situations.

This author’s strengths lie in her ability to draw the reader into the action and feel what the character is feeling. She creates relationships among her characters that come alive in the mind of the reader. Despite this, a certain depth is lacking in the overall story, the plot, and how easily the reader can relate to the various characters’ actions. Understandably, reading a trilogy out of order is going to have its challenges, but as a reader innocent of the back-story, the transitions are as choppy as the ocean in the midst of the book’s storm. Not enough summary information was provided for new readers. Sadly, there was not one particularly memorable scene that held a lasting impression.

While Charlotte has a demure personality and all the graces that are expected of a lady, she also has a taste for adventure and sailing. One of her faults that gets her into trouble is her steadfast commitment to a plan once it has entered her head, despite its implications. Charlotte relates well to her peers and those in authority over her. She is friendly, willing to help others, and to take drastic measures when necessary.

Regardless of any glitches in the book itself, I thoroughly enjoyed this story and even came away from it with some new insights. I felt that the book effectively spoke about trusting God with our uncertainty and fears, and that it portrayed the message of Matthew 11:28-30 throughout. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for light entertainment. – Rachel Vachon,

Book Jacket:

Set in the early 1800s, this captivating, romantic second book of the Ransome Trilogy from author Kaye Dacus unfolds with the grace, power, and excitement of an ocean storm.

Charlotte Ransome, desperate to reach Jamaica to see her secret fiancé, disguises herself as a midshipman for a convoy led by her brother, Captain William Ransome. Meanwhile, William and his new bride, Julia, face the rough swells of the sea and of marriage as they try to adjust to life together.

When yellow fever befalls Charlotte and her identity is discovered, she begs first officer, Ned Cochran, and Julia to keep her presence and illness from her brother. But could this secret create insurmountable waves between Julia and William? And will Ned’s tender care of Charlotte change the tide of her affections forever?

This smart, engaging tale is about holding on to faith during the journey to love and be loved.