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176 pages
Jan 2010
Harvest House Publishers

Good Manners for Today's Kids

by Bob & Emilie Barnes

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Bob and Emilie Barnes’ latest book, Good Manners for Today’s Kids, provides a neat little guide for kids (and their parents) who need to improve their social graces. In a society where few families dine together, let alone concern themselves with manners, even parents may not know how to model good social behavior. Going well beyond simply teaching which fork goes where when setting the table, this handy book also provides instruction on other etiquette issues, such as acting as host and communicating graciously.

Addressing the more well-known don’ts, such as talking with your mouth full of food, Good Manners also covers the more difficult and less often practiced skills of respectful communication and dining out. Subjects even include how to be a reliable friend, and dating do’s and don’ts. A series of instructional lessons are followed by “Kid 2 Kid” sections, which encourage children of all ages to get involved in learning new guidelines. Having written several books on manners and effective communication, the authors are drawing on a lifetime of teaching about respect in order to bring families a guide they can go to for answers about behavior at the home table or etiquette when out in public.

The authors point out that such a book is necessary because, “There is an undercurrent of disrespect among members of the younger generation. … By teaching your children what respect looks and feels like, and where it comes from, you will give them tools to lead, follow, listen, serve, communicate, persevere, share their faith and stand firm for their principles.” They go on to point out that manners can be learned at any age, and they provide several easy to follow lessons. They even explain how to deal with specific food items when dining out (did you know you shouldn’t use a spoon to twirl your spaghetti?).

All in all, this little book is a very helpful reference for teaching children and their parents the basics of etiquette, good manners, and respectful behavior. The lessons are short and easy-to-read. Parents are expected to engage actively with their children in the “Kid 2 Kid” sections in order to reap their full benefits; they are not intended to be independent studies. This book is recommended for all typical modern families. – Dr. Jan Wallace Reber,

Book Jacket:

Bestselling authors Bob and Emilie Barnes are a couple committed to encouraging and inspiring others to build their families on a foundation of kindness and faith. With that caring goal in mind and biblical wisdom at heart, they present their best tips, ideas, and examples to help parents guide children of any age to

* become better listeners and communicators with peers and adults

* reflect a compassionate and helping heart for others

* experience confidence in social situations

* show respect for God and others through actions and words

* display daily manners at the table, on the phone, at school, and anywhere

Filled with practical advice, this Barnes offering will strengthen parents, children, and families as they discover together how good manners make life more enjoyable while reflecting the love of God to others.