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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Jan 2010
Harvest House Publishers

Am I Messing Up My Kids?: ...and Other Questions Every Mom Asks

by Lysa TerKeurst

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Lysa TerKeurst’s latest book, Am I Messing Up My Kids…and Other Questions Every Mom Asks, is just the book for any mom or mom-to-be who wants to know it’s okay to be less than perfect. Being a mom is hard, and being a godly mom is harder. TerKeurst wants to teach moms how to draw nearer to God and, in that, nearer to their children and their husbands.

TerKeurst includes, in every chapter, personal experiences that illustrate her focus for that chapter. Most moms will have no trouble identifying with her feelings of inadequacy, frustration, guilt, and spiritual flatness. Each chapter ends with a section she calls “Refresh My Soul,” a combination of thought-provoking reflection and study questions suitable for women’s Bible study or personal devotions. TerKeurst brings to this book the experience of twelve previous publications, and is president of Proverbs 31 Ministries. Perhaps her best credential for writing this book is found in her biography: “She is simply a carpooling mom who loves Jesus passionately and struggles like the rest of us with laundry, junk drawers and cellulite.”

Examples of the life experiences TerKeurst draws from include an angry toddler who bit her on the face, a kitchen remodeling project that didn’t go as planned, a child with a nighttime stomach bug, and a runaway family dog. Each of her stories illustrates how these moments became lessons about God’s plan for parents by teaching her something about her relationship with Him. From chapter 18: “And that’s what makes this parenting thing so stinkin’ hard. There are really no textbook answers. It’s a … balancing act between loving, shepherding, disciplining … The only way I can navigate this balancing act is to stay close to God. Really close.”

Even confident moms will find nuggets of wisdom in this book. The writing is not only engaging, but often funny. It is hard not to read it as though it were a novel – but resist the temptation to skip over the study questions at the end of each chapter. They are an excellent way to get tuned in to God’s purpose for you as a mom and wife. There’s good stuff in those reflection passages! It is well worth the time to read this book and to work through the study questions, and it would make a good book for a moms’ Bible study or parenting group. – Dr. Jan Wallace Reber,

Book Jacket:

Lysa TerKeurst, mother of five and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries, knows about the bouts of “mommy stress” that come with parenting and managing a home and a life. From her own experience and conversations with hundreds of other women, Lysa shares how mothers can release the guilt they sometimes feel and * stop blaming their parenting skills every time a child does something wrong * let kids live with the consequences of their bad choices * simplify life to create breathing room * quit comparing themselves to “perfect” moms * turn to God for support, guidance, and patience Overflowing with practical ideas, short Bible studies, and plenty of encouragement, this inspiring resource will help moms to realize that—with God’s wisdom and mercy—they can experience peace and satisfaction while raising their kids. Rerelease of The Bathtub Is Overflowing but I Feel Drained