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Trade Paperback
336 pages
Aug 2007
Bethany House Publishers

One Little Secret

by Allison Bottke

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Can keeping one little secret from one’s family end in anything but disaster? Ursula Rhoades has been the stellar housewife. She supported her husband as he climbed the corporate ladder, raised two God-fearing, responsible children, and served her community through a multitude of volunteer efforts. Suddenly, Ursula’s husband is called away to New York City to work on the case of a lifetime, one that will secure him the coveted promotion to senior partner at the law firm. Ursula finds that her empty nest has left her lonely and searching.

Then a dream Ursula thought she had long ago buried becomes possible. Should she pursue it? How might it change her family? Can it hurt her husband’s career? Ursula grasps the opportunity but hides it from her family, deceiving herself with the thought that one little secret doesn't really matter.

Alison Bottke paints a realistic picture of a marriage that, although far from perfect, is based on God and therefore built on solid ground. She deals with the theme of long lost dreams and how they can be restored. She helps the reader learn that God’s gifts are to be treasured and used, not ignored or buried. Bottke takes her readers into exhilarating, heart-palpitating moments where one has to remember to breathe. The story is one wonderful ride. – Vasthi Acosta, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In the land of glitz and glamour, Ursula Rhoades isn’t fazed in the least by the constant parade of Prada and Tiffany’s or the high-profile celebrity sightings. A beautiful home, a loving family, and fulfilling volunteer opportunities leave this fashionable and faithful suburban housewife completely content, even if she did have to give up her dreams.....

Nikolai Prevelakis, or Nik Prevel to his fans, is the hottest young music star in the country. But it isn’t enough. Handsome, famous, and living like a rock star, Nik isn’t content. When his path crosses Ursula’s, he sees the opportunity he’s been waiting for.

But what seems like a harmless little secret changes their lives forever—and becomes one big secret everyone’s trying to figure out!