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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Oct 2005
Bethany House

Being a Girl Who Loves: Learning to Love as Jesus Would

by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio

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Okay, okay, we've all heard the line, "In order to be loved, you must first love others." But the reason that has become a cliché is because it is true, and Shannon Kubiak Primicerio has given new life to the phrase in her book Being A Girl Who Loves.

Primicerio addresses her message to young girls, females in their teens, and adult women who have turned to other people to find acceptance and nurturing when they have felt unfulfilled as persons. The author uses her own life as an example of this kind of insecurity, but she also supplies anecdotes and narratives from women she has interviewed and counseled. She tackles very complex emotional issues, yet writes in contemporary language and in a matter-of-fact delivery. She is blunt in showing how women will, indeed, be disappointed at times if they put all their trust and faith in other humans (male or female) instead of investing that trust in Christ, who never fails.

Primicerio draws examples from the Bible of both men and women who faced crisis in trust. In retelling the story of David, she points out that while Jonathan was patient and self-sacrificing with David, King Saul was jealous and spiteful and envious. Such is the way with all people.

Each chapter is filled with stories, pertinent examples, and references to Scripture. Each chapter concludes with discussion questions and a call to action. Primicerio encourages her readers to take small, but significant, steps toward forgiving those who have caused them pain, even if it means attempting to love the seemingly unlovable.

This book wrestles with a common and serious problem among females of the 21st century, and shows them that they can be whole persons and productive individuals, despite the fact that boyfriends, family members, or peers may let them down. It places God at the forefront with a plan for positive change in women's lives. -- Laura E. Johnson, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Do to others as you would have them do to you

What do you love? Is it pizza or downloadable ring tones? What about your family or best friends? Do you love God? How can you love all of them? First John 4:8 tells us that God is love. That means you are not truly able to love without first being filled with God. We were designed to selflessly love and be loved, yet we’ve made it into something other than what God created it to be. Love is about self-sacrifice and nurture, giving and taking, needing and being needed. When we stop thinking about ourselves and start thinking about how others feel, we’ll be able to figure out what we can do for them.

What can you do for someone else today? Selflessness is the kind of love that will grab the world with force and change it—and you can be the one to start it. Show the world that you are a Christian by loving as Jesus loves.